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Combine or Not

Believe it or not I'm thinking of combining the younger children with Joshua using My Father's World Exploration to 1850. As I'm getting ready for our new homeschooling year of 10/11 I see me being stretched with having the children split up.
  • Caleb & Brent, using Mystory of History
  • Annette, using All American History
  • Joshua, using MFW
I still would like Annette to use All American History as her main history program or maybe I'll come to my senses and have her do MFW as well. I do plan to have her use some of MFW along with All American History (we'll see)

With the younger ones I'm thinking maybe do two years of American History with MFW, then decide to either go back and do MOH or MFW ECC. Still deciding but I have time to figure it out. I still want to fit in Sonlight Core 5 but I may have to wait and save it for Ethan and Lance.

My ideas:

  1. 4th MFW Exp1850
  2. 5th MFW 1850 to Modern Times
  3. 6th MFW ECC
  4. 7th Mystery of History Vol 1
  5. 8th Mystery of History Vol 2
With that the only problem I see is his 7th & 8th grade year he will study ancient history, which he'll also study in MFW 9th grade. I guess it can be a plus too. He'll really know his stuff ;)

  1. 3rd MFW Exp1850
  2. 4th MFW 1850 to Mod. Times
  3. 5th MFW ECC
  4. 6th Mystery of History Vol 1
  5. 7th Mystery of History Vol 2
  6. 8th Mystery of History Vol 3 or Sonlight Core 5 (trying desperately to fit it in)
Can you tell I'm thinking too much. It's late. Tomorrow is church. I need to go to bed.

But since I'm having so much fun, lets take a look at Ethan:
  1. 2nd MFW Exp1850 (combined with Josh, Caleb & Brent)
  2. 3rd MFW 1850 to Mod. Times (combined with Caleb & Brent)
  3. 4th MFW ECC (combined with Caleb & Brent)
  4. 5th Mystery of History Vol 1 (combined. you get the picture. hee, hee)
  5. 6th Mystery of History Vol 2 (combined)
  6. 7th Mystery of Histoy Vol 3 (combined)
  7. 8th Sonlight Core 5 (combined with Lance)


  1. I understand. I also want to do Sonlight 5 :) It just looks like such a different program and I think I need to do it next year with my now 6th grader or I will have to wait until the next generation cycle of our daughters. I'd say combine as much as you can while they are still young and enjoy the independence as they get older.

    I'll be praying for your decision process.

  2. Thank you Tamara :) I really wanted to start studying the Old Testament with my younger dc this coming school year. I also would like to study the book of James as a family using MFW, so maybe it will make more sense to combine them these next two years. Praying.


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