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This summer I'm adding two new students. Over the summer I have the privilege of tutoring my 8yr. nephew. He is having reading trouble in school. They say he is 'behind'. This is really creating a low self esteem for my nephew. If you would keep me in prayer about this I would most appreciate it. I'm a bit nervous about tutoring him. Especially since my boys are still learning.
I have wanted to tutor my nephew in the past but we live states away. In fact I would love to after school him.
The apartment that we moved out of in April is empty, Lupe and I offered it to my SIL and her family, so I can work with my nephew. They'll be arriving in seven days. I'm still not sure how I'm going to tutor him. I would like him to learn all 70 phonogram, so I'll probably start there. I might have him work through Let's Read. I'm still debating whether or not to use Saxon Phonics Level 1 with him. If I use Saxon Phonics with him, I'll have him start from the beginning, even though I'm sure it'll be easy for him. There are some marking that he'll need to learn. My goal is to have my sister-in-law eventually take over the lessons and continue at home with him. She'll have to after school him. I'll let her know to only do about 30 minutes a day. She can set a timer. Once it goes off the lesson is over. After spending 7 hours at school I'm sure another half hour will be a bit much, but he really needs to continue once he leaves here at the end of the summer.

I thought of using Phonics Road with him but it's too expensive. Spell-to-Write and Read was another option but I think it my be too complicated for my SIL. This is why I may choose Saxon Phonics. I am going to give her the SWR and the Wise Guide to read though. SWR has really helped me understand Phonics Road and spelling in general. It's opened my eyes in the sense that our English Language is not so difficult after all.

My second student will be an adult. With him I plan to use Let's Read as is. I'm going to make sure he knows all the letter names and can dictate them. Then we'll start the lessons beginning with lesson one.
Here is how you use Let's Read.
Teacher-this says cat, c-a-t.
Student and teacher together- c-a-t, cat
Student by himself reads the word, cat, c-a-t.
Then move on to the next word until you complete the list. After the list are some phrases and then sentences. If the student has difficulty with any word they are to spell it and say the word.
I'm going to try this method, if it doesn't work then I'll pull out my 70 phonograms and start him using Phonics Road. Actually even if it does work, I think I'll start Phonics Road too (after we finish Let's Read)


  1. Hi Linda, I'll be keeping you and your two students in prayer. May you be blessed as you are blessing these two. Hugs to you! -- Reff

  2. try and look up Explode the Code workbooks. I think it would be a great start especially if he is reading already, and just needs to fine tune things. They are pretty cheap and keep kids' interest.


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