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Week 3 in Review (Summer School)

I wanted to have some christian music playing while I washed a boat load of dishes, so I went to my cd holder and found a Carman cd. I haven't listened to Carman in a long time. It was fun listening to those 90's songs.

Lupe, came home early today and surprised the children by taking them to Micky D's (McDonalds) for a .05 ice cream. The children really enjoyed that. Then we came home and my Sweets put them to work picking weeds. Lots of fun! I cleaned the living room and washed the dishes (while listening to Carman)

Ethan, took his first Timed Drill today. I set the timer for five minutes because I wasn't sure how he would do. He did very well. Finished in 1 minute.

A happy Ethan.

Ethan, also finished two lesson in math. Today he learned about time.

He also completed five phonic lessons.

Caleb and Brent completed 10 lessons in McRuffy Math and a few phonics lessons to keep up with their reading.

Annette, completed four lessons in math. As you can see below, we need to work on neatness.

She completed two lessons in grammar. I would have liked four lessons completed though.
Here she completing a Junior Analytical Grammar lesson.

Joshua, continued working on his division facts. He also completed three lesson of Rosetta Stone and practiced his penmanship.

Lance, completed some of his tracing, cutting and pasting. Annette, purchased some Kumon Maze books from Amazon for him. As soon as those come we'll add those in too.

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