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Week 5 (Summer School)

Hmmm........lets see, today Josh, did his first lesson in Analytical Grammar. I haven't corrected it yet. I'm suppose to correct it with Josh but Grandpa Joe and Uncle Joe came for a visit, so we didn't get back to our AG.

Just real quick, speaking of my dad visiting, guess what he watched with my children? You'll never guess. It's not educational or homeschoolish. Let me just show you.

My dad use to watch this all the time when we were little. My sister MaryEllen bought this for my dad, so he watched it with his grandkids. They were cracking up and thought the show was the funniest thing they have ever seen.

Okay, back to what we accomplished for school.
Annette, completed an Junior Analytical Grammar lesson. She didn't do math, that stinker.

Caleb, completed two McRurffy math lessons and read to me.
During the summer I'm using Let's Read a Linguistic Approach.

It's very interesting. The child must know all of the alphabet by name, not sound. I have never heard of this before. I'm using it with Brent too.
Speaking of my Brent, he completed two McRuffy math lessons and tomorrow he takes his first McRuffy Math test.

Ethan, completed one McRuffy Phonics and Reading lesson and one math lesson as well.

My little Lance, uh, um, we didn't do anything schoolish.


  1. :) :) :) Glad Dad liked his gift :) :) :)
    I remember when we were little and Dad would be laughing as he watched it - now he's building memories with his grandkids.

  2. Sanford & Son should be a part of every families education. I regularly do the "I'm comin' Elizabeth!" for my children...pop culture counts as school :)

    what was that other show, Chico and the Gang? maybe...I think it was the first Latino show on tv...good times and great laughs from our childhood!


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