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Home Alone with 10 Kids =) Love it!

Today I have all ten kids and it's been great! My hubby, brother-in-law and sis-in-law are fixing up my dad's house to get it ready to rent. I love having all the kids to myself. I get to have one-on-one talks with them about Christ, being a servant and all the other teaching moments that I love.

I had them all work together and we got the living room clean. It was a big mess. Lots of little Playmobile toys on the floor. Books are everywhere. My Sweets brought me some boxes from my dad's house. I'll have to take a picture later.

Right now all the children are having quiet time, so I took the opportunity to bake a boxed cake for my sis-in-law. It's her anniversary. I'm going to make some Taco Soup tonight as well.

Next week I hope to start organizing my school stuff, so I'm sure I'll start posting all that.

Time to read my Bible.

Bob Jones Math

Just a quick blog entry because I need to finish my Bible reading for the day. I am getting in my planning mode with homeschooling. One way I am going to streamline my sessions is to use Bob Jones 4 with Caleb & Brent. I love, love McRuffy Color Math but it's a spiral math and the levels are so different. Bob Jones is more Mastery and it seems easier for me to combine even though one child is going into the 3rd and the other 4th grade. Bob Jones 4 assumes the child hasn't learned the lessons where McRuffy does.
If you remember I will be teaching Lance, Ethan, Brent, Caleb and Josh math. Meaning I will sit with each of them for a half hour and if Annette uses Bob Jones 5 then she too will be added to the mix. Just math alone will be 3 hours of mom time. So, combining Caleb and Brent will cut 30 minutes.

It's Friday?

Garsh! I didn't know it was Friday this morning. I asked my Sweets, "What day is it today?" He replied, "Friday." I didn't believe him. He then asked, "What day do you think it is?" Me, "Wednesday." He laughed. I laughed. We both laughed. It's good to laugh you know? Keeps your liver happy =)

I am always telling my children that I have eyes everywhere. I see all. So, here is a little conversation with Lance.
Me, "Lance, you need to obey mom and do what is right ALL the time, even when I'm not around. If you do disobey when I'm not there it doesn't mean you got away with it. Who still sees you?"

Lance, "Jesus and he will come and tell you."

Me wanting to laugh but I hold it in as I say, "Yes!". It wasn't what I was going to tell him but since he said it, I'll agree. Hee, hee.


From the Heart

One thing to think about with toddlers when correcting or disciplining; they may not understand everything you tell them but eventually it will click. The light bulb will turn on. I would talk to my little ones about Jesus, sharing and obeying from the beginning.

For instance if my child is whining, first of all I would not give them what they are asking for in a whiny voice. I would also tell them that whining is not pleasing to God, that he gave us a nice voice to use when talking (you can go on or that may be enough).

When a child is not sharing, say they grabbed a toy from another child. I would nicely take the toy away from the child and say, "That was not nice. We share." and I'll hand the toy to the other child. There may be crying but that's okay. The child may cry but he will not get the toy back at that time.

Many people will say toddlers don't know how to share so don't expect them to, BUT that doesn't mean we ignore it. I believe that I as a parent should still have the child hear the word share and by me not letting him have the toy after he grabbed it sends a message that we don't just take a toy from another child.

Throwing toys. I see this all the time. A toddler doesn't want the toy or item anymore so they just toss it. I don't let this happen at our house. The child may not be throwing it out of disobedience but still, he needs to learn not to throw things.
 I will have the child pick up the toy and hand it to me as I tell the child we don't throw things. Dad worked hard to buy this for you and we need to take care of it. Other times I'll say that Jesus lets us have nice things, we need to take care of them. If the child doesn't want to pick up the toy I will physically make him (meaning I will walk him to the toy, force his hands to pick it up and give it to me) and give a correction. He wouldn't have gotten a correction but he didn't obey when I asked him to pick up the toy. I'll tell him that he needs to obey mom. When I ask him to do something I expect him to do it. Again, I bring Jesus into our talk.

Things I mention to my children at a young age: Jesus died for us and we need to obey (sounds harsh but it's the truth. Jesus came down as a babe for us and our children need to hear this).  We do things nicely because we are doing it for Jesus. We do our best for the Lord. Oh, you made Jesus so happy by giving that to your brother. When you did that, do you think God was happy?

What I say just depends on what the child did. I know it may sound like I'm a mean mama but I care for my children and everything I say, I say with a loving heart. I'm not yelling any of this to them.

A child may not understand everything now, one day he will and because he has heard it regularly it's already in his heart working. God can work in his life if mama talks about Jesus daily and in ever thing.

So, ask God to show you those teaching moments when you can minister to your child and pray for wisdom on how to handle the offense. God loves you and will walk you through those early years.
I can honestly say now that my children are older it was so worth it to take the time to stop what I was doing and take care of the matter at hand. It wasn't easy. I was tired. I had six babies in 6yrs. so I know how crazy it can get. Having three babies in cloth diapers is a tough stage but we mamas' can get through it if we stick together and encourage one another.

In Him,

On My Heart

I have a passion for children, that they grow up in a loving two parent family. Both mom and dad love Jesus with all their hearts and pour this out to their children.
I have a passion to help moms rear their little ones. To give up themselves, put their wants and needs a side and just to zone in on their children. I want to mentor and be there for moms but I feel it's not my time yet.
I am not a good writer, so I can't write about it. I have a hard time getting my thoughts out and putting it all on paper. It so difficult for me to write what my heart says.
I am not a good speaker, so I can't speak. I am way to shy to get up in front of a group, even a small group to talk about my passion.
My children are still young, who would listen to a mom who has no grown children who are following the Lord. Currently my oldest is 12.
So, I keep my aches and pains to myself. I see mothers struggling to raise their children. I see little kids talking back to their mom. I see a mom missing a teaching moment. A moment to witness to her young child about Christ.

Annette, is going to be a mom some day (if it's in the Lords plan for her) so today I spent time talking to her about motherhood. I told her a mom always needs to be alert. Always zoned in on her children. Know where your children are. Even if your at grandma's house or visiting someone, know if they are getting into something, know if they went outside, are they talking loud etc. I told her when I would visit grandma Estela's it was not a time for me to relax and sit back. No, I watched my children. I saw if they were going to get into something that didn't belong to us, if they were running in the kitchen, using a loud voice. If they were I took the time to discipline them or say something to them. Now that they are older when visiting someone's house I can relax a little because my children know how to behave (I'm still alert though) I let Annette, know that that I want my children to be a joy to others.

I told her being a mom or parent is one of the hardest most exhausting job ever, but it's the most joyful and wonderful job that the Lord has given me/us. So, basically her lesson today was; number one, alert. Know where your children are. Number two, take the time to correct or discipline. Stop what you are doing and take care of the matter. Three, life is not about mom anymore, it's about those children.

Mud Day

Joshua, has been digging this hole for a while now. He wants to make a pond. Today it was a nice mud pit on a hot sunny day.
My nephew, Brent and niece. They are trying to make the wagon float.
I like this photo of the boys in the 'boat' and Jackie and Lance watching.
What fun they are having! My children think I'm a fun mom for letting them play in the mud.
Jackie and Brent.
Brent, had grass coming out of his nose.
It took a while to get all the kiddos rinsed off. My bathroom looked horrid after all the boys changed and showered but it was so worth it.
Lance, playing with some math manipulatives, while I'm teaching Caleb.
I like sharing some videos but it sure take forEver =)

Playing Checkers

Jackie and Lance, playing a game of Checkers at our favorite coffee hang out.
(click on the little triangle on the right)

Lance in the Morning

Here is a picture of Lance, yesterday morning. He just woke-up, came from his room and sat at the table.
Of course I had to take a picture of his feet too!

Summer School

I continue to tutor my nephew. Today we worked with the 'ch', 'tch' and 'th' sounds. He still sounds out most of the words but he's getting faster. As long as he CAN read them then we will keep moving forward. He did three pages of Explode the Code and I dictated some words to him. He's coming along. I hope and pray that I'll have another month to work with him. He still reads at a first grade level and he is entering 3rd grade (public school) I don't know if he is being lazy or what, but he doesn't know what a noun is. When we first started he new all the letter names but not the sounds. He couldn't tell me what a vowel or consonant was or how many letters in the alphabet. His penmanship needs improving, so I am encouraging him to do his best for Jesus. I am going to make it a point to have him redo any sloppy work. It makes me wonder how many other children are falling through the cracks. If he has been in the public school system for three years, I would think they went over nouns. I'm not saying this to be negative about my nephew but just trying to figure out if it is lack of interest (which I'm sure some of it is because he yawns a lot with me and will ask if we are almost done) or if he is not getting the attention he needs at school. I'm sure it's a little of both.

Ethan, completed Saxon Phonics lesson 17.  It took us 30 minutes to complete this lesson. I'm trying my best to remember to put the timer on so I can see if 30 minutes is the norm. We went over the cvc and cv rules. Did all the review decks and recited the alphabet. Ethan, said, "I know, 26 letters." As if he knows it all. He can recite the alphabet great with seeing the letters but he can't say all the letters in order without the Alphabet Strip yet. He thought he could the other day and was being a 'smarty pants' about it. Then he realized he still need the Alphabet Strip and humbled himself. Hee, hee.
He put together his book and read it to me.

So far I'm really liking Saxon Phonics. It's right up there with Phonics Road for me. I had Saxon Phonics sitting on my self for a long time. I purchased it when Caleb was in 1st grade but never took the time to use it. That was in my 'getting over being prego' stage when I was just so exhausted and just looking at the program made me tired. I don't know how others who continue to have a baby every year for six years, survive (I mean that in a nice way). I really wish ( no use wishing your life away though) I would have used it because our phonics days would be over. But anyway, I didn't.
I like the coding or marking, I like how there is a lot of repetition. One thing that is great about my children is they don't mind repetition. They don't glaze over, say "Mom, I'm bored" or anything like that. They just do it and we get it done.

For instance, Ethan, knows his letter sounds and can read cvc or cvcc words (with the help of sounding them out). Right now using Saxon Phonics he has not complained or rolled his eyes at the fact that every day a new sound is introduced. Saxon Phonics doesn't make it 'look' as if he is only learning that sound because in each lesson he is learning how to code short and long vowels, how to mark an accented word (although I don't think he fully understand an accented word but that's okay, he will 'get' it some day.) he is listening for the beginning, middle or ending sounds in words and he spells in each lesson. Saxon Phonics keeps his interest. It's not jump for joy interest but hey, that's life. Everything can't be fun.

I also worked with Josh and he did a lesson in math.

Summer has been great. The kids love the relaxed days. They have water fights, play dodge ball, run through the house playing hide-and-seek, make up their own games, read, play with Legos and Playmobiles and having fun with their cousins.

Brent and Caleb are not getting math in like I would like them to. Oh, well, it's not every year they have their cousins over.

1828 Edition

Joshua, has taken it upon himself to memorize the Declaration of Independence. When he comes to a word that he doesn't understand he will write it down and look it up in the Webster's American Dictionary 1828 Edition and write the meaning in his little notebooks.
And to think my son didn't take off in reading until almost 5th grade. It was the summer after his 4th grade year that he took an interest. For those of you who have children not reading at age 7, 8 or even 9 years of age. I pray this will be an encouragement to you.

Monday (Summer Days)

Today, I did some school. I tutored Joel and had a Saxon Phonics lesson with Ethan and that was it.

After supper the children had some ice cream. I walked out the back door to find Jackie and Lance, eating their ice cream on my Sweet's truck. Yikes!
They are not suppose to be climbing up on the truck but I couldn't pass up this picture of the cousins.

Annette had to get in on the photo shoot.

That's Lances' famous BIG mouth. Reminds me of curious George the monkey.

This is not a 'real' Curious George monkey but it works for us. My sister Cynthia gave this to him.

This is the 'real' thing.

When Lupe and I returned from Lowes and found Ethan, like this.
His auntie was watching him, so all was fine, but that is so Ethan.
Nature Boy
My dad is now moved into the back, upstairs apartment. He still needs to clean out his house and finish packing but he is sleeping here on our property tonight and the kiddos are excited.

My brother-in-law has been a real blessing with helping Lupe, get things done. (Thank you Jesus).

Right now Lance, is taking a much needed bath. It was 102 yesterday and today, so he stinks. Caleb & Josh are taking apart an old iron. Josh, is looking for copper. The recycle business runs in our blood. Lupe, is putting in the comode for my pops! Annette, Brent and Ethan are spending the night at Auntie Veronica's house (the back apartment).
I'm here enjoying a McCafe Mocha as I type.

Grandpa Joe and Josh, making memories.

My Sweets bought these for me at Lowes.

Saturday BBQ

Saturday Lupe, decided to have a BBQ. He made BBQ chicken and some steaks. He's so cute because he goes online to watch a tutorial about cooking the chicken. He also looked up a sauce.
I went outside to find Josh and Lupe, sitting here in front of the BBQ pit.
They were waiting for so many minutes to pass before checking on the chicken.
I tell ya, they are so cute!
The chicken.

My Sweets, checking the chicken.

Lance, a little over excited about his aunties potato salad.

Annette, after getting wet, went bike riding on Lance's bike.

Bouncing my Homeschooling Thoughts Around (again)

Today while the children had their two hour quiet time, I put on The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading level 2. As I was watching the spelling portion, I realized that daily there are only five words. This got me thinking.Hmmm.............maybe I can continue to use Phonics Road with Caleb & Brent. I also realized that with Phonics Road level 1 I was dictating a weeks worth at a time, thus taking 30-40 minutes to complete our spelling session.
I'm wondering if I can finish spelling, grammar and reading/composition in 30-40 minutes with them. Maybe I'll do a trial run before school starts, so I can time it.

Then I was also pondering using Saxon Phonics Intervention with Annette and Joshua. The reason is I really just want to be done with spelling with them. I don't want to use Spell to Write and Read for another three years or accelerate  Phonics Road for over a year. I want one year of major intense spelling and that's it.

Once I was done watching two weeks worth of Phonics Road, I asked the Lord to help me make a decision. Do I skip the spelling portion of Phonics Road with Caleb and Brent and use Saxon Phonics Intervention with them along with Annette and Josh? Only use Saxon Phonics with Annette and Josh? Use the whole Phonics Road program with Caleb & Brent?

Ethan's Loose Tooth

Today was a special day for Ethan. His long awaited tooth finally fell out. It has been bugging him for a week now, that stubborn tooth. He has another one growing right behind it and that's why it was irritating for him. He kept asking me to pull it out but I just couldn't do it.

Today, I sent him to his room for pushing his brother out of the way. They were having so much fun playing with water. Here is a picture of the playmobile. Some times they have the whole table set up as a theme park, petting zoo etc.

Anyway, when I went to his room I sat on his bed. After our little talk with regards to pushing, I thought I would stay and chat with my little guy. I asked to see his tooth. I wiggled it a bit. It was so loose that I pulled a little but I still couldn't do it, but I wanted too get it out of his mouth. Ethan asked me to try a few times. The way it was positioned from being pushed by the back tooth I could put my fingernail under the bottom of the tooth. Ethan, said it was okay if it hurt. He just wanted it out. I mentioned that if he could get it out, we'll celebrate with ice cream cones! I told him I'll get a paper towel and try to pull it out. I didn't want to and was not looking forward to it. When I went back to his room he was all smiles showing me his tooth. He pulled it out!!!

My Sweets will think it so gross to post this picture but it's a memory. Just so you know, the drip at the bottom of his chin is water. He went to the bathroom to rinse his mouth out. You know me, snapping away with my camera.

To gross you all out some more, he had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch a half hour earlier.

I didn't get a picture but we all had ice cream cones. Yummy!

Week 6 in Review (Summer School)

(thought I'd use my neat button that Tamara made)

My weeks in review are not much since I post a lot through the week of what we are doing. This week I worked a lot with my nephew Joel. I tutor him twice a day for 30 minutes each session.

Ethan, completed five Saxon Phonics lessons. Today he took a weekly assessment and did very well. Last week he got a 100% this week he missed one. He read the capital I as a sound /i/. Because it was assessment day we finished pretty quickly, so I took this time to play games. One was 'Memory' with words like hot, bed etc. cvc words. The next game was from Elizabeth's site The Phonics Page called Phonics Concentration Game. You can download and print the game. The game consist of begining and ending sounds.
Here is Ethan, going over the alphabet. We do this at the begining of every Saxon Phonics lesson. I ask how many letters in the alphabet, how many vowels, what is a vowel and what is a consonant.

Close up of the Alphabet Strip.

I worked with Caleb today with the phonics game as well.

Unfortunately I didn't do much more with Caleb this week. Next week I plan to play the Phonics Concentration Game once a day for 10 minutes and hopefully add math back in his days.

Brent, also played the Concentration Game, but I didn't get a picture. I did take this cute picture of him yesterday evening.

I was working on the computer. The little ones were in bed, when I turned around to see what Brent was doing. It was so funny because he was wearing those 3D glasses. Of course I grabbed my camera to post on my blog and share with you all.

Annette, completed 4 lesson of Teaching Textbooks 6.

With the cousins visiting for the summer, it's a bit hard to get a whole lot done (not that we mind), so that was our week.

You can read about Thursday, Wednesday here, here and here, Tuesday here and here . Believe it or not I didn't blog about Monday's school.