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1828 Edition

Joshua, has taken it upon himself to memorize the Declaration of Independence. When he comes to a word that he doesn't understand he will write it down and look it up in the Webster's American Dictionary 1828 Edition and write the meaning in his little notebooks.
And to think my son didn't take off in reading until almost 5th grade. It was the summer after his 4th grade year that he took an interest. For those of you who have children not reading at age 7, 8 or even 9 years of age. I pray this will be an encouragement to you.


  1. Linda, it is a great encouragement. And to take it upon himself to do that, God be praised! It just makes me filled with happiness to know that everywhere we lack, Linda, God takes over because we trust in Him and put him first. As you already know, I have a similar testimony with Adam. God is going to do great things with your children, Linda! They are going to be worldchangers...

    I've had my eye on that dictionary for a while. It's on my wishlist, but it's a must purchase very soon!

    Thank you for this post!

    Dee :)

  2. My son was a slow reader (he turns 8 this coming Monday). He's taken off in his reading finally, but has yet to pick up a book just to read it. This is encouraging. I love to read, I hope he will take after me and enjoy it too.

  3. Wonderful! It's so neat to capture the LOVE of reading :) I pushed my older two and they don't nearly enjoy reading like my 3rd. She loves to read, read, read.

  4. This is so true. My oldest, now nearly 15, didn't enjoy reading a bit until last year! I was thrilled that he devoured Tom Sawyer with pleasure. :) Aren't we so blessed to home school and give them the time they need to grow and mature. What a wonderful blessing!

  5. That is so great that he is taking to reading!! I was always worried about my 2 oldest not being the best readers but Cena kinda just took off and Diego wasn't doing too bad and then yesterday I realized just how well he was doing when he was reading words to a neighbor who goes to public school and is going into the 5th grade....made me feel better!! By the way I have wanted that dictionary for forever...I am going to get it this fall!!

  6. Hi Lou,
    Just visiting your blog to see what is up! I knew it would be a lot because you have company over. :) I enjoyed catching up. Josh looks so much older.

    Sorry I missed your call the other day. Hopefully we will get to talk soon.


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