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4th of July Weekend

I just brewed myself some hot water. Goofy me turned of the grinder. Added some more water and waiting for my cup of java.

Lots of rain this weekend as well as the whole week. Ethan, didn't want to get wet, so he put on a mask and Bob the Builder type hat. In the picture he doesn't have the hat on.
Lance, this morning.

The kids working hard cleaning the house this weekend. Grandma and Grandpa Lupe are coming in a few days.

Ethan's, rash is drying out. His cheeks are still swollen. I think it's his allergies. When he had raccoon eyes a few months back the Dr. said it was a form of eczema from his allergies.

At least he is in good spirits.

Today I stayed home with Ethan and Lance. I thought since Ethan's face is swollen and his rash doesn't look to good we would stay home.
Lupe, worked on the apartment, I cleaned some more and my dad came to have dinner with us. We were going to have Panda Express but they closed early, so we ended up going to a Mexican restaurant that's down he street from our house.
My dad was joking how we drove so far out to Panda, only to come back and eat a few minutes from our house. My dad is a jokester. Makes everything seem funny.
We were going to see some fire works but couldn't find a place to watch them near our house, so Lupe, took Josh to Blockbuster and they are watching a movie.

Speaking of movies, I was so mad yesterday when I sat to watch The Indian in the Cupboard with the children. This is a movie for children based on a book about a boy who received a cupboard and an Indian figure for his birthday (I think his 8th). The Indian in the cupboard comes alive. Well, there is this one scene with the little boy and his friend watching television in the boy's room and they are watching adult women dancing. The women are practically in their birthday suits (if you know what I mean). I couldn't believe they had a scene like that in this movie. My five boys are watching this movie and it wasn't a quick scene either.
I guess I should have checked the rating BEFORE we watched it. On the back of the dvd cover it said PG for s*xy dancing. My goodness!

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  1. Linda, I've had so many uhoh moments like that, where it's too late because we're already watching. Sometimes I make a mad dive to the remote and just turn the movie off and then forward the scene. I have my kids trained already and they turn around when they hear me shriek!

    Lately, my husband and I have been pre-watching everything, and then deciding if we'll let the children watch. We watched Star Trek this weekend, but since my husband and I pre-screened it, we knew where two inappropriate scenes were and we fast forwarded them. It didn't make any difference in the rest of the movie and we enjoyed it as a family.

    I've had too many surprises, so I have learned not to take any rating at its word anymore.

    Dee :)


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