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Alert Cadet

Lupe and our oldest three sons Joshua, Caleb & Brent have been going to meetings twice a month called Alert Cadet. A family at our church mentioned it to us and invited the men folk in the family to attend.

What is Alert Cadet? You can read more here but basically Lupe and the boys attend two meeting a month on Tuesdays. It's not a program where you drop of your son. Lupe attends all the meetings with the boys.
It reminds me of the military. Here is one of their schedules:
1830 - Formation
1845 - PT (this is marching, drills, exercising)
1915 - Hymn
1945 - Lt. Dowden on Humility
2025 - Closing Formation

At home the boys memorize scripture, everyday they have to do so many sit-ups, push-ups etc. We just ordered their manuals, so once I take a good look I can supply more information.

What I like about it is they do all the rugged boy stuff (army/survival). Father's are doing everything with their sons. When the boys come home from a meeting they are excited. I know it means a lot to them that their dad is right there with them.

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