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Bob Jones Math 4 (Josh is using it)

Today I worked with Ethan. He completed a lesson of Saxon Phonics. He learned about the suffix -s. Later when I  asked him what the suffix -s meant he replied, "More than one." I was pleased.

Joshua, completed a lesson in math. I haven't told you guys yet but.................he is working through Bob Jones 4 right now. What happened to Saxon, you all might ask. Well, he'll still use Saxon once he completed Bob Jones 4. I feel that he needs me to teach him right now. You know, work out problems and use some manipulatives. Yes, I could have done that with Saxon myself but I am not very creative. Since Saxon is more self teaching there is no teacher manual, a Solutions Manual yes, but no teacher manual. I purchased Bob Jones (after reading many good reviews, really couldn't find anything negative) had him skip the first two chapters because it was more-or-less adding and subtracting. We are on chapter 3 working with fractions.

Josh, doesn't like me teaching him but I can see little light bulb moments with him. With me sitting through the pre-lesson with him I am able to spot exactly what he is not understanding. Like today, Josh, looked so bored (like always when he feels like he knows the lesson already) Bob Jones TM had me, have him, get out the fraction kit (that comes with BJ math).

Get the 1 whole piece.

Have Josh, add the 1/3 piece and say 1/3.

Have him add the second 1/3 piece as he says two thirds.

Put the 3rd piece on while he says three thirds (kind of like phonics, when you have the child write the word cat. You have them say the sound as they write.)

Then BJ had me write on the board 1/3, 2/3, 3/3. How 3/3=1 whole. We did this again with 1/4 and after that he said, "I got it."

I finished what the teacher manual said to do and had Joshua, complete the workbook page as well as the review page, so daily he completes two, two sided workbook pages.

This is something that I would not have done using Saxon. After thinking and praying I purchased Bob Jones with plans to continue with Saxon. It wasn't easy forking the money for Bob Jones but I am going to use it with Caleb and Brent this coming year. That made it a bit easier for me to hit the submit button.

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I need lots of hand holding. I would love for Bob Jones to be even more scripted like Saxon's 1-3rd grade math or their Phonics programs.

Anyway, once he completes Bob Jones 4, I hope to continue with Saxon 6/5 and adding the dvds or maybe I'll have him continue with Bob Jones 5 then move to Saxon. I think moving to Saxon with the dvds would work better for us though. As much as I  love teaching my children I need help. I only have so much time in the day to teach. I do have a life beyond homeschooling (although it's probably hard to tell by reading my blog)


  1. You are doing a great job, Linda! It is difficult sometimes for other people that don't homeschool to come visit our blogs and know that we have other lives and other parts of ourselves that aren't homeschooling...but we homeschooling moms, we know. ;)

    I think if it's working, then it's worth it. BJU always gets good reviews and you can't beat their manipulative packet that comes with the program. You may just find that you like BJU better than Saxon--later on.

    I had a moment like that with TT 4 today. I go in these little panic modes wondering if it will work, but I remembered your advice, and the advice of my other friend and I will just chill and give it the try it deserves. No program is going to work unless it's being worked. That is what I'm coming to understand now, but some just reach our children, and ourselves better than others.

    Keep up the good work! I love the fraction pics. I have some (fraction pieces) from Mastering Mathematics, but they are not in kewl colors like those!

    Dee :)

  2. Thanks Dee! I was a bit embarrassed to write about my purchase. I don't want to continue with Bob Jones for Josh though because BJ needs me to teach it and there is no way I can spend a $1000 for the dvds that Bob Jones has.
    I really like Saxon and the DVDs are a lot less. Eventually I'll use Art Reed's DVDs which are $50.00.
    Thanks again, you made me smile =)


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