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Bob Jones Math

I was able to get a picture of Joshua today. I asked him during our math session if I could take a picture.
Can you tell he is trying not to look bored. Hee, hee. We continued with learning fractions. We also went over some missed problems from yesterdays work. He still continues to miss things that he knows. One of the problems was estimating. For some reason he keeps writing the exact number instead of writing the estimated number. He knows how to estimate.....it is frustrating but I don't let it show. I walk him through it by asking questions.

Another thing that is weird was he asked what that line was for. I said, that line is where you are suppose to write the answer. They provide a line for you. Aaaaah (me pulling out my hair and screaming in my mind of course)
Oh, the joys of a 12 year old son.

Today while putting the dishes away he told me he likes all the plated to face the same way (our plates have petal edges, like a flower) so he fixes them. Thought I'd add that in to give you a little of Joshua's world.


  1. I am in complete and total awe that you have the patience to home school all of your children! That is an absolutely amazing feat!!

  2. Lets just say I'm on my knees calling out to Jesus a lot ;) I thought I had so much patience but once I had children and started homeschooling, well, uh, no I was not as patient as I thought. The Lords been good and has worked with me =)

  3. I would like to borrow him to come and put anything he'd like in order, please. Thank you.


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