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Bob Jones Math

Just a quick blog entry because I need to finish my Bible reading for the day. I am getting in my planning mode with homeschooling. One way I am going to streamline my sessions is to use Bob Jones 4 with Caleb & Brent. I love, love McRuffy Color Math but it's a spiral math and the levels are so different. Bob Jones is more Mastery and it seems easier for me to combine even though one child is going into the 3rd and the other 4th grade. Bob Jones 4 assumes the child hasn't learned the lessons where McRuffy does.
If you remember I will be teaching Lance, Ethan, Brent, Caleb and Josh math. Meaning I will sit with each of them for a half hour and if Annette uses Bob Jones 5 then she too will be added to the mix. Just math alone will be 3 hours of mom time. So, combining Caleb and Brent will cut 30 minutes.


  1. Keep up the good work, Linda. It is a challenge to teach all we teach and you're doing a great job. As an idea for you. You may be able to teach 2 lesson per day in a little bit shorter time, then you rotate the dc as to whom you teach those 2 lessons. This way they are with you for teaching time every other day in math. I did this a couple of years ago with 2 grammar stage dc and it was quite helpful, as most math programs are learn a new skill and build on it a tiny bit each day. You just teach two steps at once (small steps) and allow them to move forward with you available. Something to think about. I'm all about streamlining, too.

  2. It sounds good, Linda. I used BJU math 5 for a short time with Baby Girl and we liked it. I found myself skimming the milk of the TM and getting straight to the meat. You can highlight the actual teaching portion beforehand and know exactly what you will focus on each day.

    It seems like it's all coming together for you with the decisions. Praise God!

    I am thinking of doing Moving With Math (mastery with a short 5 question daily review) with Joshua since I already own the TM. I really think that he needs me beside him explaining everything all the way through as well. Unlike Adam, I can't leave him alone with math because he just struggles with remembering most of what he learned before. I will probably use the MM as a supplement to MWM. But none of this is written in stone, yet. With me, what is! LOL!

  3. I think Modern Curriculum Press is mastery.It's been years since we used it- but I remember all 6 children liked it over the others we tried through the years. We only did the odd problems in Saxon(7th grade and older)- the answers are in the back of the book. - Taryn


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