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Bouncing my Homeschooling Thoughts Around (again)

Today while the children had their two hour quiet time, I put on The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading level 2. As I was watching the spelling portion, I realized that daily there are only five words. This got me thinking.Hmmm.............maybe I can continue to use Phonics Road with Caleb & Brent. I also realized that with Phonics Road level 1 I was dictating a weeks worth at a time, thus taking 30-40 minutes to complete our spelling session.
I'm wondering if I can finish spelling, grammar and reading/composition in 30-40 minutes with them. Maybe I'll do a trial run before school starts, so I can time it.

Then I was also pondering using Saxon Phonics Intervention with Annette and Joshua. The reason is I really just want to be done with spelling with them. I don't want to use Spell to Write and Read for another three years or accelerate  Phonics Road for over a year. I want one year of major intense spelling and that's it.

Once I was done watching two weeks worth of Phonics Road, I asked the Lord to help me make a decision. Do I skip the spelling portion of Phonics Road with Caleb and Brent and use Saxon Phonics Intervention with them along with Annette and Josh? Only use Saxon Phonics with Annette and Josh? Use the whole Phonics Road program with Caleb & Brent?


  1. Happy Sunday! I'm heading out the door for church this morning, but wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading with my cup of coffee!

  2. Glad you enjoyed reading =) Have a good Sunday too!

  3. I don't like any kind of Saxon until Saxon math in 7th grade(we liked Abeka math too). Christian Liberty Press sells Abeka grammar(2nd-6th). We liked Abeka grammar and spelling/vocabulary for all grades. We only did 50% to 80% of the grammar books-like Saxon(we only do the odd problems with the answers in back of the book).- Taryn


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