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Feels Like a Saturday

Today feels like a Saturday. The kids have been outside playing in the water. I cut my boys hair today. Josh, Caleb and Ethan's.Lance just got a hair cut and Brent was having too much fun so still have to cut his. Annette has been wanting me to cut her hair so I did It was almost to her bum and now it is above her shoulders. I can't seem to get it straight. It is still a little crooked. Her hair is so thick that it is hard to cut.She really likes it, hope Dear Hubby likes it

We did do school today. Annette did her Rod and Staff Reading, copywork and math.

Josh did his Rocket Phonics, copywork and math.

The only thing we didn't get to was First Language Lessons.

(I'm transfering my post from Homeschool Blogger so the pictures don't look to great)

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