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Home Alone with 10 Kids =) Love it!

Today I have all ten kids and it's been great! My hubby, brother-in-law and sis-in-law are fixing up my dad's house to get it ready to rent. I love having all the kids to myself. I get to have one-on-one talks with them about Christ, being a servant and all the other teaching moments that I love.

I had them all work together and we got the living room clean. It was a big mess. Lots of little Playmobile toys on the floor. Books are everywhere. My Sweets brought me some boxes from my dad's house. I'll have to take a picture later.

Right now all the children are having quiet time, so I took the opportunity to bake a boxed cake for my sis-in-law. It's her anniversary. I'm going to make some Taco Soup tonight as well.

Next week I hope to start organizing my school stuff, so I'm sure I'll start posting all that.

Time to read my Bible.


  1. Taco soup? Recipe, please!

  2. Hi, Tina, Taco Soup is under "What's Cooking" on my sidebar. Really easy to make. I usually make it with two lbs of ground beef and add extra beans. It feeds a lot.

  3. Blessings this wonderful Sunday evening! I pray that you had a relaxing weekend and for a week filled with His blessings forthcoming.

    Because of His Grace,

    PS...Have fun organizing all your school stuff :)


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