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Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

My little nephew and niece with Lance. The children love when I take the time to go outside and wet them with the hose. They just love it!

Caleb & Ethan
Our winter grass died. Now we have lots of dirt that turns into mud. The kids really had fun in it.

Joel and Brent.

Annette, is like a little mommy with her youngest cousin.

Jackie, has no problem with the mud.
In fact Jackie and Lance were running. Jackie would push Lance and he would say, "Don't push me so hard I might fall." Eventually he started pushing too (all in fun for both of them)
Jackie and Lance are buddies.

Jake & Brent.

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  1. Wow looks like they all had a lot of fun! Bet they enjoyed the cool mud over the hot hot sun. Good thing you are a cool mommy who allows them to play in the mud.


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