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Its Been Too Long

I miss blogging. My mother and father-in-law where here visiting. They helped drive my sister-in-law Veronica and her husband Jamie along with their four children (Jamie 10yr. Joel 8yr. Jackie 4yr & Jake 2yrs). They will stay in the back apartment and are here for the summer and maybe to stay, just depends.

The children had so much fun with their grandparents. Grandpa Lupe, took them on daily walks to the donut shop. Grandma took them to Hobby Lobby. They love that place and every time grandma is here they make time to shop there.

They loved making smores with grandpa. Josh has a big hole in the backyard and that's where they had their bonfire. It's something special they do when grandpa comes to visit.
When we lived in our big house there was grandpa digging a hole in the back for the children, so they could have a bonfire. What was funny is we lived in a much nicer neighborhood where you don't dig holes in the back for a bonfire. I was a bit nervous that someone might have mistaken it for a burning house fire but all went well.

I love when my mother-in-law comes. We have such a good time together. Probably because we like so many of the same things. There was a time when she gave me too much advice but we have found common ground and get along just fine now. She is always thinking about her grand kids.

I'll try to add some pictures to this post but am too lazy right now or maybe too tired.

The grandparents have left and cousin Marcus (Josh had so much fun with his cousin) so it's just Veronica's family and us now. Next week I'll start tutoring my nephew Joel. Keep me in prayer if you remember in your day.


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  1. Linda!!! I'm so happy you posted! I was missing your blog posts. I'm so happy to hear about the lovely time you have been having enjoying the family!

    I emailed you! ;)

    Blessings on your summer fun with family!!!


    ps praying for you and your tutoring journey...


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