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It's Friday?

Garsh! I didn't know it was Friday this morning. I asked my Sweets, "What day is it today?" He replied, "Friday." I didn't believe him. He then asked, "What day do you think it is?" Me, "Wednesday." He laughed. I laughed. We both laughed. It's good to laugh you know? Keeps your liver happy =)

I am always telling my children that I have eyes everywhere. I see all. So, here is a little conversation with Lance.
Me, "Lance, you need to obey mom and do what is right ALL the time, even when I'm not around. If you do disobey when I'm not there it doesn't mean you got away with it. Who still sees you?"

Lance, "Jesus and he will come and tell you."

Me wanting to laugh but I hold it in as I say, "Yes!". It wasn't what I was going to tell him but since he said it, I'll agree. Hee, hee.


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  1. LOL That is SO funny! Don't kids just have the most wonderful imaginations?? Give Lance a hug for me!


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