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Lance School

Today Lance worked out of a Gospel Light Kindergarten workbook that my sister MaryEllen gave him.

I took a lot of pictures because I was trying to capture his cute eyebrows. I call them his 'thinking' brows (wink)
Also wanted to show how he holds a pencil.

Just because he's cute!

Here he's tracing with a highlighter from the I Can series sold by Timberdoodle.com
You can see his thinking brows better in these picture.

Lastly I helped him follow the line to show which man was kind to the injured and hurt person (The Good Samaritan)

First we traced with his fingers (me guiding his finger). Once we new which one helped, we traced it with the highlighter.

And that was Lances' school for the day.

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  1. Great pictures of Lance studying! Thanks for sharing but makes me miss you and the family.


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