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At Our House

Monday July 19th
Right now I'm actually wearing shorts and am barefoot. My hair is still in a Nemo towel. I normally don't wear shorts but you can usually find me barefoot. Yes, I was a barefoot and pregnant lady when I was having babies.

Today it will be in the mid 90s again. All week it should be between 94 and 96 degrees with some thunder storms on Tuesday.

My Sweets half fixed the air conditioner so that helps. At least I can drink my morning cup of java. He thinks it needs a really good cleaning. Hopefully some time this week with the help of our brother-in-law he can take it down and open it up. Here is a picture of our ugly air conditioner. Yes, it sticks out of our wall above the dining table. I am thankful for it though.

Josh, Annette and Caleb are in the back apartment. They had a sleep over with their cousins.

Today I plan to accomplish some summer school. We are on week 6. Also to catch up with my laundry. The dryer wasn't working for three days. My wonderful husband also took the time to fix that as well even after a busy day at the apartments in the hot sun.

My current reads are the 90 Day Challenge Bible and Bringing Up Girls from Dr. James Dobson. I found Bringing Up Girls at Half Price Books this past Friday. I was amazed because it was just released. I'm slowly reading it because my Bible reading takes most of the free reading time.

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  1. I know just how you feel. We drive the ugliest van. We call her Big Bertha! But we appreciate her so much. In FL, not having a vehicle is one of the saddest things. Watching people walk to do their errands in this humidity and heat is sad for me because I remember what that was like the first year here in FL, when we had so little. So I could get really down about the ugliness of our vehicle, but instead, I praise the Lord for her and pray that she make it through another day. Praying you have a cooler day!

    Dee :)


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