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Monday (Summer Days)

Today, I did some school. I tutored Joel and had a Saxon Phonics lesson with Ethan and that was it.

After supper the children had some ice cream. I walked out the back door to find Jackie and Lance, eating their ice cream on my Sweet's truck. Yikes!
They are not suppose to be climbing up on the truck but I couldn't pass up this picture of the cousins.

Annette had to get in on the photo shoot.

That's Lances' famous BIG mouth. Reminds me of curious George the monkey.

This is not a 'real' Curious George monkey but it works for us. My sister Cynthia gave this to him.

This is the 'real' thing.

When Lupe and I returned from Lowes and found Ethan, like this.
His auntie was watching him, so all was fine, but that is so Ethan.
Nature Boy
My dad is now moved into the back, upstairs apartment. He still needs to clean out his house and finish packing but he is sleeping here on our property tonight and the kiddos are excited.

My brother-in-law has been a real blessing with helping Lupe, get things done. (Thank you Jesus).

Right now Lance, is taking a much needed bath. It was 102 yesterday and today, so he stinks. Caleb & Josh are taking apart an old iron. Josh, is looking for copper. The recycle business runs in our blood. Lupe, is putting in the comode for my pops! Annette, Brent and Ethan are spending the night at Auntie Veronica's house (the back apartment).
I'm here enjoying a McCafe Mocha as I type.

Grandpa Joe and Josh, making memories.

My Sweets bought these for me at Lowes.

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