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Morning with Ethan

Ethan has his first loose tooth, actually two are ready to come out. Yesterday he wanted me to pull his tooth out but I couldn't do it. It still stuck in there. I'm sure it will fall out today or very soon. He has his new teeth coming in behind the baby teeth.

I was joking with Ethan, and said, maybe I should tie a string to it and yank it out. He replied, no that will hurt too much. I'm thinking, what's the difference???

Ethan was in my bed when I woke this morning. He said, mom stay in bed so we can talk. It was already 8:00 a.m. and I wanted to shower and start my day (I needed to get my Bible reading done) but I decided to stay and talk.......we talked about a dream he had. A green man that lived in a green house. He said he didn't like that dream. We talked about how is tooth is bothering him. Especially when he eats.

Ethan is so cute! He said, "Mom, you can make your coffee, then come back and read your Bible." so, I did just that. I got up made my coffee and when I went back to my room, my pillow was all fluffed so I can sit and read. Of course Ethan, talked too much for me to get any reading done, but that's okay. We had mommy and Ethan time. It was nice.

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