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Mud Day

Joshua, has been digging this hole for a while now. He wants to make a pond. Today it was a nice mud pit on a hot sunny day.
My nephew, Brent and niece. They are trying to make the wagon float.
I like this photo of the boys in the 'boat' and Jackie and Lance watching.
What fun they are having! My children think I'm a fun mom for letting them play in the mud.
Jackie and Brent.
Brent, had grass coming out of his nose.
It took a while to get all the kiddos rinsed off. My bathroom looked horrid after all the boys changed and showered but it was so worth it.


  1. You are a fun Mom! And your kids are lucky to have you :) Looks like they had TONS of fun in that mud pit. I laughed when seeing them up to their neck in mud - wow!

  2. Mud pits are awesome. They look like they had a wonderful time.

  3. You are a kewl mom! I won't let my boys see this post or else I'll have them wanting me to do the same thing! LOL! They (your kids) are having the BEST childhood and it reminds me so much of my own with my sister in the backyard making mud pies, my dad wetting us with the sprinkler and the hot dogs on the grill and one dollar ice pops afterwards. We thought we were rich, and in a way, we were! God is so good to give us a time to be children.

    Dee :)


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