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Needed:Another Me

As I'm waiting for my Sweets to finish working on the upstairs apartment, I'm pondering how on earth am I going to school all the children this upcoming year.
Crazy Schedule:
6:30 wake/shower
7:00-everyone is awake eating or doing morning chores
8:00 Bible with all the kiddos-MFW
8:30 Phonics Session with Ethan-Saxon Phonics
9:00 Math with Brent-McRuffy
9:30 Math with Caleb-McRuffy
10:00 Spelling with Josh & Annette-Saxon Phonics Intervention
10:30 Phonics with Caleb & Brent-Phonics Road
11:00 Math with Ethan-McRuffy
11:30 Phonics with Lance-McRuffy
12:00-1:00 a much needed lunch break for mama
1:00 reading with Caleb & Bren-Phonics Road
1:40 Check to see if Annette or Josh need any help
2:00 Mom too tired to continue
There is NO WAY I can survive a schedule like that. I haven't even covered read aloud, history or science time. Nature walk.........um, who has time?
There is no room in this schedule to recover from session to the next. Not even to gather the books for the next math/phonics/reading lesson.
I didn't even schedule math with Joshua. Yikes!

So......I'm making some major changes.......Editing to add; that one of the changes; I will use Bob Jones Math 4 with both Caleb & Brent. I purchased Accountable Kids to help keep the house okay looking. Still trying to figure out the rest =)


  1. It's hard, Linda, but it will come together. Unfortunately sometimes it's just about trial and error until you find something that really works. Maybe you could hand out assignment sheets to the older ones while you work with the littles...or everyone can do their independent subjects while working with the littles. (kind of Maxwell style)

    Maybe you can do content subjects (like history and science) two to three days a week as opposed to everyday. Keep making mock schedules and eventually one is going to feel right.

    I had to make a few and I'm still weeding some things out and changing others.

    Dee :)

  2. Hi, Dee =)
    My two oldest pretty much do everything on their own. They have a lesson planner that the follow. I only need to sit with them for spelling and with Josh I might have to do 'night' school with math.
    It's the 4 younger ones that need so many phonics/math/reading sessions.
    I do have a plan..........coming soon ;)
    I hear ya with the shoot and miss concerning schedules. I have tried the Maxwell's MOTH a few times. Maybe I should pull it out again :)
    Linda (need to get to bed)

  3. (((Hugs)) I hope that you will find a way to make it work. I can suggest praying over it and I'm sure that the Lord will have a better plan.

  4. Linda, it's times like these I wish I lived closer so that I could help out. I'll be praying for you and the kiddos this upcoming school season.

  5. Let us know what major changes you decide to make. I'm curious to know how you manage to fit it all in.


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