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On My Heart

I have a passion for children, that they grow up in a loving two parent family. Both mom and dad love Jesus with all their hearts and pour this out to their children.
I have a passion to help moms rear their little ones. To give up themselves, put their wants and needs a side and just to zone in on their children. I want to mentor and be there for moms but I feel it's not my time yet.
I am not a good writer, so I can't write about it. I have a hard time getting my thoughts out and putting it all on paper. It so difficult for me to write what my heart says.
I am not a good speaker, so I can't speak. I am way to shy to get up in front of a group, even a small group to talk about my passion.
My children are still young, who would listen to a mom who has no grown children who are following the Lord. Currently my oldest is 12.
So, I keep my aches and pains to myself. I see mothers struggling to raise their children. I see little kids talking back to their mom. I see a mom missing a teaching moment. A moment to witness to her young child about Christ.

Annette, is going to be a mom some day (if it's in the Lords plan for her) so today I spent time talking to her about motherhood. I told her a mom always needs to be alert. Always zoned in on her children. Know where your children are. Even if your at grandma's house or visiting someone, know if they are getting into something, know if they went outside, are they talking loud etc. I told her when I would visit grandma Estela's it was not a time for me to relax and sit back. No, I watched my children. I saw if they were going to get into something that didn't belong to us, if they were running in the kitchen, using a loud voice. If they were I took the time to discipline them or say something to them. Now that they are older when visiting someone's house I can relax a little because my children know how to behave (I'm still alert though) I let Annette, know that that I want my children to be a joy to others.

I told her being a mom or parent is one of the hardest most exhausting job ever, but it's the most joyful and wonderful job that the Lord has given me/us. So, basically her lesson today was; number one, alert. Know where your children are. Number two, take the time to correct or discipline. Stop what you are doing and take care of the matter. Three, life is not about mom anymore, it's about those children.


  1. Linda, for someone who says that they don't know how to write, you sure wrote a beautiful post! So true, and what a good lesson. Those teachable moments are so important and sometimes I miss them--we all do, and now I'm paying for them with my little "potty" mouth and retraining this little one. I'm learning now that I have to put all things aside and really deal with things when they happen. Thank you for this post, and the admonition to be alert.

    Keep writing, you have a gift, Linda. Your humble heart says more than any fancy words could say.

    Much Love,

    Dee :)

    ps I'm emailing you about TT. I'm pulling my hair out with this one! Yikes!

  2. Dee, you made me chuckle with your TT comment. I know it's not funny but you're so cute =) anyway I actually feel a little guilty about you purchasing TT.
    Thanks for your kind words. It is hard for me to write about child rearing because I mess up so many times too and i don't want to sound like I know it all because I don't. I have prayed many times since my children where little for God to let me see these teaching/ministry moments with my children and God has been so good to show me. He's opened my eyes to many things that I myself would have missed. I see other mothers missing them and it breaks my heart.

  3. You are beautiful, articulate and a blessing. Thank you for sharing your heart, I really needed it today.

  4. What a beautiful post about your love for raising your children in a Godly, balanced home! I couldn't agree more. Also, I think you write wonderfully so keep it up!!


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