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Saxon Phonics 1

I posted a few days ago that I will start tutoring my eight year old nephew over the summer. I thought I would use Saxon Phonics because it's scripted and something my sister-in-law can take-over when it's time for her to go back to California in August (hopefully the end of Aug.).

I wanted to test using Saxon Phonics because it seemed a bit much. I stopped Ethan's McRuffy Lesson and started him using Saxon Phonics so I could get a feel for the program. We have completed ten lessons and it's going really well. At first I was a bit overwhelmed and thought the lessons where going to take forever. I'm happy to report that the last five lessons have been completed in about 30 minutes. I REALLY thought the lessons would take 40 minutes or longer by looking at the teacher manual.

Saxon Phonics is completely scripted (I love that) and it tells you exactly what to do. The scripted lines are in bold and in between it's giving you instructions on what to do (hand the child a letter tile, put your hand on your neck while saying a sound etc.) it's very detailed.

The first lesson went okay but I kept forgetting to do things. I would read the scripted portion and skim the instruction part really fast. Our first lessons did take longer than usual.

To make things easier, I highlighted some of the instructions. By doing this, it helped me to see what I was suppose to do. You can click on the picture below to see in more detail.
(Click to enlarge)
I put all the game cards and lesson cards in a container.

It fits a few other important items.

I put all his workbook pages for that week and his Rule Book in a zip envelope that I had laying around.

Here is the HUGE teacher manual.

Can you tell by the spiral size that it's a pretty thick book.

When I was first looking through the lessons I thought for sure I'd lose Ethan, with these rules.

But since they are repeated daily he gets them. The next rule isn't introduced until lesson 22, so this will give him plenty of time to cement the rule in his brain.

So guess what? I'm going to continue his lessons through the summer and decide if we should continue. I know, I know, what about Phonics Road? I'm not sure but I hope to use Phonics Road with Ethan, the following year.
Saxon Phonics coding/marking system is completely different from Phonics Road, so I'm not sure what to do about that but I do plan to use PR for grammar & reading. Time will tell.

With my nephew, well, that a whole new post.


  1. Hi Linda...

    I love how you have all this organized already! I'm not doing the 90 day challenge, but have purposed in my heart to read the Bible everyday. So far, so good! I can tell you that it's already made an immediate difference...it's like good food in, good food out!



    ps Loved reading your intro up there on that other post. :)

  2. Way to go Dee, with reading the Bible daily.


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