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Saxon Phonics 1

Lesson 13 of Saxon Phonics 1st Grade.

Today when I called Ethan, for school he was not in a good mood. Joshua, did something that made Ethan, upset. As we were going over the alphabet together he was not talking loud enough and his whole body language was not right. I  called Lupe, so he could talk to Ethan, but Lupe, didn't answer. I decided to pray. I took Ethan's hands and prayed to the Lord, asking God to help me teach Ethan, in a patient, humble and meek way (believe me, with Ethan's attitude I didn't feel any of that, but I new that I couldn't get upset) I continued to pray and ask the Lord to help Ethan, obey and do his work unto the Lord. Prior to praying I also told my son that he is upset and unhappy because that's his decision. Josh, can't make him feel sad. Caleb, can't make him feel sad, only he can. It's his choice.

After we prayed Ethan, was much better. I was able to say words and he had to tell me what the middle sound was (Phonemic Awareness)
Next we did "Review of Decks" I pulled out the cards of letters that we have covered and he had to tell me the letter names. Then I held the 'Affix' card which was the suffix -s card. I asked him what is this card and he replied, "The suffix -s card"
Me, "What does the suffix -s mean."
Ethan, "More than one."

We went over the picture cards and the spelling sound sheet. Normally for the spelling sounds I say the sound and he writes it on his paper. Today was different. I would say the sound and he wold put a counting bear on that sound.

Just real quick, I wanted to show you how I organized some of our manipulatives.
My children a year ago purchased these Playmobile toy holder. Inside was a Playmobile horse, soldiers and such. Well, the children have all the pieces in a community toy bin now. I was going to give the toy holders away because I kept finding them everywhere. Well, the Lord gave me and idea one day. Here it is.

It's not real big but fits just the right amount. We have more Bears & Pentominoes but I was able to put only what we need in the the compartments for math or whatever.
Okay, back to Saxon Phonics.

Next we went over the letter 'f' and I gave him the 'f' tile to add to the others that he has collected. I had him spell some words with the tiles.

We went over the New Deck Cards (I'll have to write a post about all the decks of cards that Saxon Phonics uses sometime soon)

Did our Boardwork which consisted of practicing marking the words. After we practiced, I handed him his worksheet for him to mark on his own.

If you look at the whiteboard you'll see the word 'pill' we crossed out the twin 'L' because we only pronounce it once and we put a breve over the 'i' because it's making the short sound /i/.

We also worked on his penmanship.

I used McRuffy's penmanship since we have it on hand. I like how it has him practice every day eight letters. Saxon Phonics for now only has them practice the new sound they are learning but not the previous letters.

And that is our day using Saxon Phonics. It took 30 minutes to complete. He did have to use the bathroom and I stopped the timer for that. I wanted to time how long the actual lesson would take.
When you first look at Saxon Phonics it looks like it will take you and hour to complete a lesson. At first it did take longer but once you get use to it, it gets quicker. I'm no longer reading everything. I know when to reach for a review deck or when to hand a worksheet.

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