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Summer Days

Next week I'll start the children with summer school again. I forgot what week we stopped at so I'll have to check my own blog to find out. I'll have them continue with math and phonics/grammar.

Today was my nephew Joel's first tutoring session. I kept it short. I did an assessment of his reading to figure out where he is at. I went over the 26 letters of the alphabet and added a few more phonograms. He hasn't learned the second sound of 's' and 'g' so we went over those as well and all the sounds for the vowels. He did two pages of Explode the Code and we were done. I'm going to see if I can snatch him later and practice his phonograms again.

I wanted to do some phonics with Ethan today but it didn't happen. For sure I'll start up again on Monday.

It has been nice though having no school at all.

I continue to think about how I will fit in six children his year. It will be nice when Caleb & Brent can do more on their own. No rush though but they are getting older. I think after this year they will be more independent. Their reading is picking up but not to where they can do work on their own. Besides I enjoy teaching them, oh and I forgot Phonics Road needs me to teach them so lets say in two years (when the finish the program) they'll be more on their own.

Here is a picture of my five boys and my nephew Marcus.
A picture of Lance and Joel. Joel is eating the last of the ice cream, so we thought we'd save a bowl.

Josh and Marcus spent most of their days wrestling. Josh, finally was challenged.

Lance and little Jacklyn (not sure if I spelled her name right)

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