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Summer School

I continue to tutor my nephew. Today we worked with the 'ch', 'tch' and 'th' sounds. He still sounds out most of the words but he's getting faster. As long as he CAN read them then we will keep moving forward. He did three pages of Explode the Code and I dictated some words to him. He's coming along. I hope and pray that I'll have another month to work with him. He still reads at a first grade level and he is entering 3rd grade (public school) I don't know if he is being lazy or what, but he doesn't know what a noun is. When we first started he new all the letter names but not the sounds. He couldn't tell me what a vowel or consonant was or how many letters in the alphabet. His penmanship needs improving, so I am encouraging him to do his best for Jesus. I am going to make it a point to have him redo any sloppy work. It makes me wonder how many other children are falling through the cracks. If he has been in the public school system for three years, I would think they went over nouns. I'm not saying this to be negative about my nephew but just trying to figure out if it is lack of interest (which I'm sure some of it is because he yawns a lot with me and will ask if we are almost done) or if he is not getting the attention he needs at school. I'm sure it's a little of both.

Ethan, completed Saxon Phonics lesson 17.  It took us 30 minutes to complete this lesson. I'm trying my best to remember to put the timer on so I can see if 30 minutes is the norm. We went over the cvc and cv rules. Did all the review decks and recited the alphabet. Ethan, said, "I know, 26 letters." As if he knows it all. He can recite the alphabet great with seeing the letters but he can't say all the letters in order without the Alphabet Strip yet. He thought he could the other day and was being a 'smarty pants' about it. Then he realized he still need the Alphabet Strip and humbled himself. Hee, hee.
He put together his book and read it to me.

So far I'm really liking Saxon Phonics. It's right up there with Phonics Road for me. I had Saxon Phonics sitting on my self for a long time. I purchased it when Caleb was in 1st grade but never took the time to use it. That was in my 'getting over being prego' stage when I was just so exhausted and just looking at the program made me tired. I don't know how others who continue to have a baby every year for six years, survive (I mean that in a nice way). I really wish ( no use wishing your life away though) I would have used it because our phonics days would be over. But anyway, I didn't.
I like the coding or marking, I like how there is a lot of repetition. One thing that is great about my children is they don't mind repetition. They don't glaze over, say "Mom, I'm bored" or anything like that. They just do it and we get it done.

For instance, Ethan, knows his letter sounds and can read cvc or cvcc words (with the help of sounding them out). Right now using Saxon Phonics he has not complained or rolled his eyes at the fact that every day a new sound is introduced. Saxon Phonics doesn't make it 'look' as if he is only learning that sound because in each lesson he is learning how to code short and long vowels, how to mark an accented word (although I don't think he fully understand an accented word but that's okay, he will 'get' it some day.) he is listening for the beginning, middle or ending sounds in words and he spells in each lesson. Saxon Phonics keeps his interest. It's not jump for joy interest but hey, that's life. Everything can't be fun.

I also worked with Josh and he did a lesson in math.

Summer has been great. The kids love the relaxed days. They have water fights, play dodge ball, run through the house playing hide-and-seek, make up their own games, read, play with Legos and Playmobiles and having fun with their cousins.

Brent and Caleb are not getting math in like I would like them to. Oh, well, it's not every year they have their cousins over.

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