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Tutoring Day 2

With Joel (my nephew) I'm using Blend Phonics along with The Phonics Page. Today was day two with tutoring Joel. Here is what I am using (all can be downloaded from donpotter.org or click on the Blend Phonics link above):
  1. Blend Phonics by Mrs. Hazel Loring
  2. Blend Phonics Lite Reader by Donald L. Potter
  3. Blend Phonics Decodable Stories  by Elizabeth Brown
  4. Reading Made Easy with Blend Phonics Certificate of Completion (down loadable from Don Potter's site)
From The Phonics Page I'm using:
  1. Phonics Concentration Game
  2. Free online Phonics Lessons
  3. Blend Phonics Syllables (scroll all the way down and you will see a summary of the list)
  4. Syllable division exercises (same link as in #3 above. scroll all the way down)
  5. Units 1 to 5 Spelling Rules (Use the same link from #3 and again scroll all the way down)
  6. Wide Range Reading Test for Kinder-College (I used this to find out where he is at with reading)
  7. Student Progress Chart for Elizabeth Brown's Phonics Lessons (the free online lessons)
Here is a link to lots of Blend Phonics stuff (flashcards, reader and such.) all on one page.

Other things you'll need:
  1. Binder or folders to put all the books you printed off
  2. White-board (I'm using a desk top one for now) or pencil and paper
That's it.

Here is how I used Blend Phonics today with Joel:
  1. We went over the alphabet sounds and letter names
  2. Using capitol letters (per Elizabeth's advice to me) I wrote 'c' on the white-board.
Me, "Joel, what sound does that make?"
Joel,  "/c/"

Then I wrote the letter 'A' under the 'C'

Me, "What sound does this letter make?"
Joel, "/a/"

Then I wrote 'CA' on the board.

Me, "Can you read this please."
Joel, "/ca/"

Then I add the letter 'P' to CA (CAP)

Me, "Can you read this word please?"
Joel, "cap"
Me, "Good job! Now can you use 'cap' in a sentence for me please?"
Joel, "My dad wears a cap."
Me, "Good sentence, Joel."

Then I moved onto the next sentence. I continued for 15 minutes. I also explained about a one syllable word. I had Elizabeth's little teacher manual in front of me (Blend Phonics Syllables) I also watched Don Potter on YouTube. He gives a demonstration on how to use Blend Phonics. You can view it here.

After we did as many spelling words as possible in 15 minutes (without rushing of course) I then had him read from Don Potter's Blend Phonics Lite Reader (you can download this from his site). Lastly I dictated some words to him and had him say each sound as he wrote them.

We were done in 30 minutes. Believe me, he was ready to go play =)

Later today I'll sit with him again and go over the alphabet and have him read from Blend Phonics Decodable Stories by Elizabeth Brown.

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