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Up Late

My niece Jackie, is spending the night. Poor thing misses her mama. I walked passed Annette's room and I heard some sobbing. Jackie is four years old. I'm not sure she is use to spending the night away from mom.
I went to peek and she said,  "I want my mom." I told her it was too late. Mom, is sleeping now, so I turned on the light and asked if she wanted to help me pick up all the little toys laying around on the floor. After, I tucked her back in bed, put a night light in the room and played some soothing music. I told her I'll stay up for a while until she falls asleep. She was out within minutes but here I am, wide awake. I think I have my father's financials (which affects us) on my mind.

Since I'm awake I thought I would list what I still need to purchase for school.
I'm still deciding, Annette's 5th grade year.
  • Writing- I can go with Saxon Writing or Writing Tales II. I own both, it's just picking which route.
  • History- I own Oak Meadow History Syllabus and can use that or purchase All American History. Cathy Duffy said, it's teacher intensive so I'm rethinking AAH. I am also considering Notgrass American History. It's new and will be available in the Fall but will cost a pretty penny. Between $80.00 -$100.00. AAH will cost at least $60.00
Those are the two areas that I'm not sure. I can also use My Father's World with her but I'm not sure. I really want something more workbookish with here. Something she can complete on her own.

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  1. I have an English from the roots up you can borrow if you'd like :) email me.


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