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Waiting for Hubby

My Sweets just called. He is on his way home.Yay! He has been gone all day with my brother-in-law, fixing up an apartment. Getting it ready to rent.

Today was a hard day with the heat for me. Toward the end of the day my little ones were bickering and it just wore be out.

I barely finished my Bible reading for the day. It seems every time I picked up my Bible there was a need to take care of concerning the children or house. I will admit I almost fell asleep on parts. My head would nod and I'd feel the book fall. I'm reading about Joshua and conquering the lands. Lots of wars. I was wondering as I'm reading how Joshua, felt killing so many people. I know he was obeying the Lord, but he's human too and I'm sure there were times when it was hard for him. I hear and read about how our men fighting for our country are sometimes scarred for life because of all the battles they fought. What they seen and went through, so it makes me wonder about Joshua.

On a lighter note, here is a cute picture of Brent. He is always all smiles. Well, not always, most the time.

My nephew has one of those Gameboy things. Here is Ethan, playing for the first time ever.

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  1. I'm praying that today will be cooler for you. It seems to be cooler for us today. PTL!


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