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Week 6 in Review (Summer School)

(thought I'd use my neat button that Tamara made)

My weeks in review are not much since I post a lot through the week of what we are doing. This week I worked a lot with my nephew Joel. I tutor him twice a day for 30 minutes each session.

Ethan, completed five Saxon Phonics lessons. Today he took a weekly assessment and did very well. Last week he got a 100% this week he missed one. He read the capital I as a sound /i/. Because it was assessment day we finished pretty quickly, so I took this time to play games. One was 'Memory' with words like hot, bed etc. cvc words. The next game was from Elizabeth's site The Phonics Page called Phonics Concentration Game. You can download and print the game. The game consist of begining and ending sounds.
Here is Ethan, going over the alphabet. We do this at the begining of every Saxon Phonics lesson. I ask how many letters in the alphabet, how many vowels, what is a vowel and what is a consonant.

Close up of the Alphabet Strip.

I worked with Caleb today with the phonics game as well.

Unfortunately I didn't do much more with Caleb this week. Next week I plan to play the Phonics Concentration Game once a day for 10 minutes and hopefully add math back in his days.

Brent, also played the Concentration Game, but I didn't get a picture. I did take this cute picture of him yesterday evening.

I was working on the computer. The little ones were in bed, when I turned around to see what Brent was doing. It was so funny because he was wearing those 3D glasses. Of course I grabbed my camera to post on my blog and share with you all.

Annette, completed 4 lesson of Teaching Textbooks 6.

With the cousins visiting for the summer, it's a bit hard to get a whole lot done (not that we mind), so that was our week.

You can read about Thursday, Wednesday here, here and here, Tuesday here and here . Believe it or not I didn't blog about Monday's school.

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  1. I love that picture of Brent in the 3D glasses, so cute! Glad to see you were able to get some school work in. Great job Linda!


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