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Lance School My K Student

My Lance will officially start Kindergarten at Homeschooling6!!! The babe is growing up!!!

Here is what his kinder year will look like.

For Phonics & Reading I chose McRuffy Phonics K. As much as I love the Phonics Road, I really wanted something fun for my last Kinder child. McRuffy Phonics fits the bill to a "T"! There is lots of color, it has cutting and pasting,  games are included as well, just everything fun that I was looking for. The readers are in color too.
I'm sure Lance, will have a fun time learning to read.
I also like that it looks to be a gentle way of introducing the letters. I think in the first 40 lessons they are playing around with a handful of sounds (sorry, to lazy to go check about how may sounds are introduced)

For math I wanted something colorful. This is the first year that any of my children will use a colorful math program. Well, actually we did use a year of Calvert and that was colorful, but that was so long ago and I don't think we finished it. I was a "grass is greener on the other side" homeschooler at the time and I believe I switched all the kiddos to Math-U-See.
Okay, back to Lance School. I also wanted manipulatives built into the program. Not just any manipulatives like unifix cubes and clocks, but I wanted Pattern Blocks, Pentominoes, cubes and more. Well, guess what?! I found exactly what I was looking for. Drum roll please.............McRuffy Color Math.
and look, there are fun games to play.

Lance and I are going to have a lot of fun. Even if we can't fit it in the day, we can always do 'night' school or weekend school.

For Science, I am going to combine him with Ethan. Science hopefully will get done at least twice a week. McRuffy Science K is what we are going with.

Look at all the fun stuff it came with.
For Bible, again, I wanted cutting, pasting and fun. I chose Bob Jones Bible Truths 1st Grade.
We won't start this for a few months though. It might take longer than our 9 month school year but that's okay. I'm not stressing.

Penmanship I chose to start him with Getty-Dubay. I took his book apart and filed it to match what he is learning with McRuffy Phonics.
I think that is about it for his K, year.

Caleb and Brent's 10/11 Year

Caleb and Brent, I pretty much school together.
For Language Arts, which consist of grammar, writing, copywork, dictation and reading, we will continue with The Phonics Road to Reading and Spelling.
I think the boys are going to enjoy the Little House study that goes along with it. I haven't watched much of the dvds only the first few. What I have seen is a very thorough language arts program. It has everything I'm looking for. The boys will continue to their phonograms and use them to improve their reading and spelling.
Brent, was actually asking when we were going to do his spelling again. I was surprised because as much as they did like it last year, they only liked it as much as a boy could like language arts. Meaning he did it willingly because he knows that's required of him but it wasn't like he was jumping for joy. I'm actually looking forward to starting Phonics Road (PR) as well.
Edited to add that we are switching mid year to Spelling Workout B and MCP Plaid Phonics. I still believe that PR is one of the best Language Arts programs. I need something that is easier to administer to Caleb and Brent. Just math sessions alone with my students take over two hours.

For math I chose Bob Jones Math 4. I really wanted to use McRuffy Math but with Bob Jones (BJ) it just seems easier to combine. From what I hear, Bob Jones assumes that the child hasn't been introduced to a concept (it's considered a more mastery approach) so they teach that concept from the beginning. Even though Brent is in 3rd grade he'll (hopefully) be able to keep up.
I also purchased the review book, so they will continuously be reviewing previously taught lessons. I don't think that four pages of math is going to go well with my boys. My dear hubby on the other hand thinks it a good thing. Since the boys will most likely be done with school in two hours (with their basic studies of Language Arts and Math) they should be able to complete the Review page later with out complaint. This program I really, really liked but for his 5th grade year I decided to have him use Math-U-See because he could watch Mr. Demme. Having him watch the DVD is a HUGE help for this busy homeschooling mama ;)

For Bible they will study the book of James along with their older siblings.

Science, I'm going to attempt a science program. I chose McRuffy Science 2nd grade. Why below their grade level? Well, science in my humble opinion is gravy. Meaning it's an extra subject. Here at Homeschooling6 our core subjects are Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Science & History are add-ons.
McRuffy Science 2nd Grade, looks fun and they are still learning. My boys are late readers so a regular textbook would be too hard. My boys are growing up and I want to do this with them. I don't want a science program that's overly challenging. I want fun, games, mom spending time with them.
Caleb will be in 4th grade and soon he'll have enough 'hard' subjects, so this year we are keeping it fun with science. Well, I tried, but science this year consisted of audio books, read aloud books and DVD or Netflix.
Besides, there is so much science all around us. Watching the ants or a spider going after it's prey. Watching the clouds float by. We have a whole shelf of science books, plus we have audio books (the whole set of Jonathon Park)

 Penmanship- A Reason for Handwriting B.

Art (my sis is sending some stuff, so I'll have to edit)

And that's about it with the formal stuff. The boys will continue to learn about survival, animals of their interest, herbs and more as the year progresses.

Discipline and Organize

It's been a busy day. Now that I'm done filing I feel like I can tackle the house. I have been slowly getting things organized. Today I thought I should get Ethan, Caleb, Brent and Annette's clothes folded in their drawer neatly. Lately it's been out of control. And lately means ahem, like a year.
I explained to each child as we were going through their drawers that mom has been lazy in this department of parenting. I talked how God is a God of order and we should be orderly as well and this includes their drawers and how we take care of our clothes.

Each child has three drawers. I took all their clothes out and we threw any clothing away that was torn or stained. If it didn't fit them anymore we put it a side to be packed for the next child. I found some containers that fit in their drawers and showed the boys how to fold their undies. I mentioned that dad prefers their undies folded and it's a good thing to discipline one self even with the small unseen stuff.

I also helped with getting Annette, Caleb and Ethan's room cleaned up. They had so much junk all over the place. You could barely see the floor. We threw away a lot of paper, broken toys or toys that had parts missing. We found a home for everything. If we couldn't find a home for an item we got rid of it. Now their room is clean. I told the children that every night I'm going to check their rooms and drawers. Again, I was being very lazy about this before.

While we were cleaning the room, I had the other children pair the socks. In Annette's room we would just lazily throw all the socks in the drawer. I didn't have the children pair them up because I didn't want to deal with it, so again, I told the children that we need to be more disciplined and start pairing up those socks.
Now we have lots of paired socks in a container. All the socks that didn't have a partner we put in another container. Later after we do more washing we'll bring the container down to see if we can get some more pairs.

Then we tackled the living room. Up high I have three container one holds small legos, another has small playmobiles and the 3rd has army men, horses, plastic tents and so forth. These toys are only allowed down if they ask. They have to put all the pieces back in the container, come and get me to put it back up. Every once in a while we will find a toy that belongs up, so I have a small index card container that we put those in. Next time the toys come down we can take the pieces we found from the index box to the container. This is going back to everything must have a home.

I am really trying to get the house in order before school starts. I told the children that once school starts we all need to work together to keep the household running smoothly. This is why we are finding a home for every toy, paper, school stuff etc.

The five older children will be responsible for their own laundry. When they see that they only have one Pj left then that is a sign to do a load of their laundry. I'm showing Ethan, how to do laundry before school starts. Ethan, will need some help with the dryer because it's pretty high. We have it stacked on the washer.

Tomorrow I plan to finish the living room. Once the house is in order, I'm going to start on the school binders and finish getting the schoolbooks organized.

Grandpa Joe

My dad loves his grandkids. He tells them stories about his younger days. Although I'm not sure how much is true and how much if from watching the Little Rascals. I think he meshes the two together. A week ago I found grandpa and Ethan, playing with pattern blocks. Of course I had to capture that memory.

Grandpa also brings lots of goodies for the children. Last week it was watermelon and peaches but this week, well, lets just say we all probably have gained a pound or so.
Here is Lance, with a donut and some milk (gotta add the milk in)

Grandpa with the grandkids. Enjoying more sweets.
Annette with her cousin.
This one was taken today. See Josh, in the back? Grandpa is telling another story.


My Hubby Did Good

The day that I was behind with my Bible reading and my hubby made waffles for dinner, well he's so cute! I was helping put the groceries that he purchased away when I noticed the syrup he bought. I got this big smile and looked at him while holding the little jug. I said, "Dear, you did good!"

He replied, "It's not easy finding good syrup. I searched and searched until I found that one." he replied with a cute smile.
All on his own he tries to bring home the good stuff. He'll bring me organic or close to it with yogurt. I think that's really sweet of him to care and go out of his way for me.

I took this picture for my Sweets. When he goes to the grocery store he'll know what kind of beans to get. I put one of these cans of Grillin Beans in my Taco Soup and it gave it a nice twist. Yummy!

The Final Decisions for Annette's 5th Grade Year

I have had a rough six months going back and forth, trying to figure Annette's 5th grade year out. Well, by golly I think I've got it!

For spelling she along with Joshua will use Saxon Phonics Intervention. I chose Saxon Phonics over SWR & PR because it is a one year course. Annette, is more of a natural speller. She sees a word, looks at it and can pretty much spell it on Friday. That's fine if that's all I want her to do but I want her to be able to spell a word she hasn't seen. I also want her to be able to decode words that she hasn't seen. Saxon Phonics in my humble opinion is just as good as the other two programs but in a condensed way. It's not an all-in-one LA program like PR but for Annette, I wasn't looking for that. I just want a spelling program. Edited to add that I switched her to Megawords. SPR was really to combine her with Josh, but it didn't work out. She wanted something more challenging.

For reading I chose The Elson Reader Book 5. I think she will enjoy the selections. My sister is in the process of making worksheets that I can print out. Instead of using a separate notebook she can write on the worksheet.
Writing I was having the most difficult time. Annette, does not like writing. I know that school is school but I do want her to enjoy writing. Up until a few days ago I was still undecided.  I was thinking about using Writing Tales and almost set on just going with Saxon Writing (which came with her Grammar course). There is nothing wrong with either of those but I still wasn't 100% sure. Then out of the blue my sister Cynthia emails me about a little store she is opening up and guess what? She reformatted Intermediate Language Lesson into a workbook format. I love ILL but you know me, I like workbooks and so do my children. My plan is to skip some of the grammar portions and use Intermediate Language Lessons for composition, dictation and copywork. I love that my sister made it so ILL can be used more independently. My sister is also getting rid of her Learning Language Arts Through Literature, so guess again? She is sending it to me and I'm going to incorporate it into our schooling. This may sound complicated but I think it will work.
With the Elson Readers, Intermediate Language Lessons and Learning Language Arts Through Literature I plan to use as Annette's writing and reading curricula (not grammar) With the Elson Reader she won't complete the whole book. I'll pick and choose. One lesson will last a week. With Learning Language Arts Through Literature she'll do this three times a week. Intermediate Language Lesson she'll do few times a week. I know it sounds like a lot but if you can see some of the lessons in ILL and LLATL you'll see that there are many short lessons. I am using the older version of Learning Language Arts Through Literature. The older version has a lot less grammar. It's less formal, I guess you can say.
For grammar she will use Saxon Grammar.

I plan to have her use Saxon Grammar three to four times a week. Again, I know this sounds over whelming but if you had everything in front of you, you'd be able to see how it can be done and I feel that her Language Arts is coming together. I feel comfortable about using Elson Readers for a mix of reading selections, Learning Language Arts Through Literature and Intermediate Language Lessons for copywork, dictation, memorization and composition, Saxon Grammar for well, grammar. I'll keep you all posted on how we are doing using all these components for her Language Arts this year. She has already peeked at Intermediate Language Lessons and the Elson Reader and I'm happy to say she likes them both.
For history she will use Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5. As I was filing, I was reading a bit here and there too. I think Annette, will be pleased. The Activity book that accompanies the text is colorful and looks fun (as fun as worksheets can be) I'm still not sure how I'm going to fit all the chapters in. The teacher manual is not real clear with how long a chapter should last. I'll have to play around with it and see.
This year for Science we'll learn about the human body and puberty using Sonlight Science 5. Yikes. The talk. This program looks interesting. I like that it has worksheets. She will do a lot of labeling and hopefully coloring, so it'll all look so pretty.
Then there are the extra stuff like art. My sister is sending me an art package so I can't comment on that yet.
Bible, which I should have put at the top but I got so excited about finding a Language Arts program for Annette, that I forgot. But for Bible she will study the book of James, using My Father's World. I'm really excited about this.

Math, another area that I was struggling for Annette. I really wanted Teaching Textbooks to work but the instant grading was too stressful for her. Then I was debating between Bob Jones 5 and Saxon 6/5. I really need something that Annette can do on her own. Horizan Math it is (yes, it's been changed one last time a week 1/2 before school starts). I sat her down and went over all her options and we both agreed that Horizons Math would be the best choice for her this year.
Edited to add that we switched to Saxon 6/5.

This is Annette and I will go over a homemaking course. We plan to learn how to make different kinds of bread and learn about herbs.

Almost forgot. Penmanship whe will use Getty-Dubby Italic Handwriting Series.
So that his her core stuff. There are extra stuff that if we fit, we fit but if we don't, we don't.

That's My Seat!!!

Ever hear you children say, "That's my seat. I was sitting there first!" Here at homeschooling6 we do hear this and I'm so tired of it. This morning, I gathered the children together to address the problem. As I was speaking an idea came to mind (must be the Lord helping me out again) to make nameplates for each of the children. When they come to sit for a meal they place their nameplate in front of them. If they have to get up to do something, others know that, that seat is taken. We use to have assigned seats but now that their cousins join us for dinner most days we kind of got out of the assigned seats. We'll see how this works. If it doesn't work maybe we'll return to assigning seats again.

I folded an index card in half and the children decorated them with markers and stickers.
Here are some that have been completed.

Look, Lance wrote his own name. He decorated the back but I took a picture of the front so we can see his name. I'll add the rest later. Right now my computer is acting up.

I told the children that these are to be used with kindness and respect for one another. They are not for tagging seats rudely or rushing to get the seat you want. These are to mainly let someone know a seat is taken. So, no running or rushing to the table to mark a seat.


How I Filed

I can't believe I'm done with filing. It has taken weeks and lots of tweaking but everything is organized and ready to go. The Lord has really seen me through this whole process. I on my own couldn't have done all this. It was He who gave me ideas about labeling EVERYTHING and using their backpacks for school. It so wonderful to know that God cares so much about me that he would help me file and get organized for this coming homeschool year. My hubby too, took the time to listen to my ideas and watched as I showed him my crates and how it's all going to work. Of course my children were so kind. They ate some lunches and dinners around my crates and filing. They didn't get one drop of anything on my stuff!

Here is what I did.

Many people seem to file by weeks. I decided to file by subjects instead. I ended up with three crates.

I have six children. Two children per crate.

Here I have Lance (K) and Ethan's (2nd) crate.

I filed McRuffy Phonics Kindergarten, McRuffy Science K (two workbooks), Saxon Phonics 1, McRuffy Math K & 1st grade.
I filed McRuffy math but did not take the workbooks apart. I filed the reproducible pages and there is a folder for all the games. The game cards I put in a small container, so I can easily pull what I need for that week. I didn't take a picture but I placed some library pockets in my main file folders to hold any math or phonics cards.
McRuffy Science I did take apart the workbooks and filed them by lessons with any reproducibles. Again there is a file folder to hold the games and a container for all the cards.
Saxon Phonics I had the binding cut and paper clipped all the lessons together. All the game cards are in a container.

Next I have Caleb & Brent's Crate.

They didn't have to much to file because we use The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading I didn't feel the need to file that. It's already in a nice binder ready to go. What I did file was Bob Jones Math. I took the book apart. Paper clipped the workbook pages, the Review pages and test. I also filed McRuffy Science 2. I did take the science book apart. I three holed punched them so they would fit in their binder. I paper clipped and filed any reproducibles along with the workbook page. I put all the game cards in a container.
Since they didn't have as much to file I put some teacher manuals in the back. I also put file folders so I will have a place to return any charts, visuals, test answer keys and so forth for next year.

Along with all the science stuff. It's in the same container.

Last but not least I have Joshua and Annette's crate.

In this crate I filed Bob Jones Math, Heritage Studies 5 & 8, Saxon Grammar 5 & 6, Sonlight Science 5 and Intermediate Language Lessons. I had the binding cut on Saxon Grammar so I can easily put each lesson in a binder. I filed all of Bob Jones Math with the test.
As you can see in the photo above I filed by subjects and clipped the lessons together or clipped a whole chapter.

What I did was take a handful of lessons from each subject and put them in my main mama folders.

I have three hanging file folders. Two kiddos per hanging file folder. The handful of lessons I took from the crates will go in this file box. I have a file folder for each subject. In the front I have my teacher planner. The planner is for me to use mostly with the two youngest and also to add any reminders for the olders.

The crates are in the kitchen next to the my school desk (the table). I have the crate that holds Caleb & Brent's stuff on top because their crate also houses the teacher guides and manuals.

Hopefully this will keep me from running around the house trying to find a lost teacher manual.

This year the older children are going to try something new. Instead of having planners of their own we are going to use library cards and pockets. They will have one library card for each subject. The library pocket will be glued to a divider.

The one above is for Annette and for Grammar. I'll write the lessons for that week and she can put a small check mark next to it when she completes that lesson. I decided to divide by subjects, so each divider will have one of the library pockets and cards.

All pencils are labeled with names. No more, "I can't find a pencil."

And glue, markers, crayons.....all labeled.

Lastly the children will put any books or workbooks that weren't taken apart and their binder in a backpack. All their pencils, erasers, glue, scissors etc. etc. etc. will go in their backpack as well.

And that's all folks!

Filing McRuffy Science 2

Today, I'm filing McRuffy Science 2. I decided to take the student workbooks apart and file them with any reproducibles.
I'm almost done. I think this is the last of the filing. I still have Joshua's Heritage Studies but I'll finish that later this year.
Once done with filing I'll start working on their binders.
Pictures and how I filed coming soon.............

Catching Up

I have been a little busy taking care of nine kids and getting ready for school that I must admit I got a little behind with my 90 Day Challenge of reading the Bible. So, today my Sweets, made supper, so I could stay in my room and catch-up. I didn't get a picture but he made Micky Mouse waffles and bacon. The children made me coffee and served it to me. I felt so special and extra loved.

I should be caught up today. Yay! Thank you Lord for my sweet hubby and six hearts!

Ethan, cut out a Micky for me.

Joshua Said

Joshua said, "It's so wonderful to know that only God can save us. It gives me a warm, fuzzy, happy feeling."

I was in my bedroom reading my Bible when he told me that. We (meaning all the children and I) have had some great discussions lately about being a child of the King.