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90% Done with Ordering for School

I'm excited! I have all the big homeschooling stuff ordered and on it's way. I still need a few things but nothing that will affect my planning and start date. I would like to add this nice timeline from Bob Jones to our history study.
I think it is so pretty and colorful.

Now that everything is ordered, there is no turning back and no more switching. Yay!

The last decision to make is for Annette. I am not sure what to use for math. I was hoping that Teaching Textbooks was it but the instant grading stressed her out too much. Every time she missed a problem, she knew it meant five points of her grade. This really discourages her and she becomes frustrated.

I was waiting for Bob Jones to have their updated fifth grade math program out and from what I hear they do have parts of it available. I'm tempted to get it but at the same time I need at least one student to do math without me. I am almost certain that I'll order Saxon Teaching Tape dvds. This was it's like having a tutor in our home. She can watch the dvd and then complete her lesson.

Other than the timeline and the Saxon dvds I'm set. All the other little things can wait. Lupe, brought me home some more file folder so I can get started with organizing (although I'm not sure how).


  1. I'm happy for you! Isn't it great to get those big purchases out of the way! I felt that way once our Algebra was here as well.

    Can't wait for you to receive your stuff. I ordered Moving With Math workbooks today. I had a very bad customer service (experience) person and I hope I actually get my order in 7-10 days. I did email the company to let them know and ask why I haven't received a confirmation order number or anything, but right now I'll just leave it to the Lord.

    So different from ordering from real homeschooling companies, but oh well.

    Dee :)

  2. Just a heads up on TT math (levels 5, 6 and 7)...they just added a new "hybrid" to TT and it allows the teacher to erase the grade, change it or, have the student re-do it...at least that is what I understand.

    Here is copy from their recent email:
    Each of these new versions has three other features worth mentioning. First, they allow you to easily store and track the grades of multiple students who are using the same computer. Second, they let you delete the score for a whole lesson or a single problem if you wish to have your child redo something. And third, they give you the ability to back up grades and/or transfer them easily. "

  3. Man I have barely thought about school...AND...we took/are taking a much longer break than I planned. I really don't have much to order as we have to finish up math, LA's, spelling, handwriting etc from last year (or from me switching this year..LOL) I am not sure if I should just shelf the MFW that we have been doing for 2yrs and are barely half way through and order Sonlight core 4 or 3+4 or just finish MFW??? Any thoughts..you always help me figure things out!!
    Oh yeah so I was using the awesome new "sweep" feature to clean out my hotmail inbox and I found a message from you from April that I never saw...Man you must think I am so rude that I never answered your e-mail!! I am so sorry I never even saw it *blushing profusely*

  4. Hmm...I thought I left a comment yesterday about TT. If you didn't get it, let me know and I can share again.

    Also, I did figure out how to do the Drop-Down Menu :) It's a fairly easy tutorial:


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