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Back on Track

Okay, I'm done feeling sorry for myself. How embarrassing, a moment of self pity came upon me. I see that it was because I was expecting things from others. A lesson I teach my children and I have to take a dose of, is, don't expect things of others because you will be disappointed when what you wanted to take place doesn't. We need to keep our eyes on Jesus. Focus on Him. I was expecting some very common sense things from family members, but I shouldn't have. It's just a bit hard when you see your hubby working his tail off, but like I mentioned I learn a lot from my Sweets. I need to remember WE are doing this for the Lord (things I can't mention on this blog, so you all are left in the dark) and so I give it to Jesus. (thank you Casey for your prayer. I needed that)

On the homeschooling front, I am calling it done with Summer School. I still need Josh to take a test in math but after that we are done. As much as I'm having fun teaching Saxon Phonics to Ethan, it's going to stop for now too. I really need to get my house and school in order before we start back in September.
My school cart looks like this.

As you can see, it is a mess, so I'm going to work on that. Our bookshelf is looking better but still needs some organizing. We have more books coming and I'm like, Lord, were are we going to put them? My Sweets would say, "Use the library." but I like owning the books.

My school bookshelf is in need of organizing too. I just don't know where to put some of it. I may pack up my McRuffy math for 2nd and 3rd grade, since we won't use it this year. I'll save it for Ethan and Lance. Speaking of math, I was suppose to work with Ethan during the summer but it didn't happen. I wanted him to be at least a fourth way done with McRuffy 1st grade math (he's going to be in 2nd grade) but life here got so harry and busy.

My Lance is going to be 6yrs. old this week. Here is a picture of him that I took today. It's one of his last five year old pictures. (sniff, sniff)

Look at those cute little feet! I love those feet. Okay, I'll stop babying him and those feet now =) but they are cute!

Look what my husband (love that word 'husband') brought home for me late last night. I know it's probably on my hips now.
I did give half to my Sweets, so I didn't eat the whole delicious hotdog from Sonic. My beloved thinks I'm a bit nuts for taking pictures like this but it's my memories. I don't want to forget the night he lovingly brought me a Sonic coffee and hotdog.

How my siggy ends up in other places besides under my post is beyond me. I try moving it but with no success, so there it stays on the side of my picture.

One last note: I'm getting closer to our homeschooling decision. I'm narrowing things down. I've read some of my back post and see I have switched a few times. That's what I get for starting way back in January. Oh, but it's all good. I enjoy my planning and especially blogging all about it. It's fun for me. A bit crazy at times but fun.


  1. So sweet of him to bring you the hotdog, and so romantic that you shared it! :)

    You are doing fine. You are finding your groove and you will do great this year, you'll see. I take a notebook paper and write and write and write until somehow it starts to look balanced and make sense.

    I like the siggy all over the page! ;)


    Dee :)

  2. The hotdog looks SO yummy...that was sweet:-) Hey you deserve a break from school for a little bit!! You accomplish more than I ever do and with 6 kiddos..you are such an inspiration to me. I wish you lived next door so you could be my mentor... You have such a sweet, wonderful, giving attitude, I could use some of that to rub off on me :-)


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