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By Days or Subjects.....

The more I'm three-hole punching and filing, the more I'm wondering if I should set up the the kiddos binders by subject instead of days (Mon. Tues. etc) As I'm 3-hole punching the lessons; some lessons are attached to the previous lesson. Lesson 1 has three pages but on the back of the 3rd page starts lesson 2. Not all of them are like that but a lot are. I'll have to pray about it. Maybe Ethan and Lance can have their binder set up daily but the older ones by subject.

Okay, back to work.............


  1. It always amazes me how good you are about updating your blog. I always think of a million things to write but don't seem to get to it. Now that the baby is a little older I'm trying again. I enjoy reading your curriculum choices, etc.

  2. Hi, Kristine, you know, blogging is like scrapbooking to me. I use to scrapbook (got 15 albums done) but it has taken a backseat these past 6yrs. Blogging is my way of capturing those moments. I really enjoy it.
    Even it it's sort of a facebook post, it's neat to go back and read years later.


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