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Caleb and Brent's 10/11 Year

Caleb and Brent, I pretty much school together.
For Language Arts, which consist of grammar, writing, copywork, dictation and reading, we will continue with The Phonics Road to Reading and Spelling.
I think the boys are going to enjoy the Little House study that goes along with it. I haven't watched much of the dvds only the first few. What I have seen is a very thorough language arts program. It has everything I'm looking for. The boys will continue to their phonograms and use them to improve their reading and spelling.
Brent, was actually asking when we were going to do his spelling again. I was surprised because as much as they did like it last year, they only liked it as much as a boy could like language arts. Meaning he did it willingly because he knows that's required of him but it wasn't like he was jumping for joy. I'm actually looking forward to starting Phonics Road (PR) as well.
Edited to add that we are switching mid year to Spelling Workout B and MCP Plaid Phonics. I still believe that PR is one of the best Language Arts programs. I need something that is easier to administer to Caleb and Brent. Just math sessions alone with my students take over two hours.

For math I chose Bob Jones Math 4. I really wanted to use McRuffy Math but with Bob Jones (BJ) it just seems easier to combine. From what I hear, Bob Jones assumes that the child hasn't been introduced to a concept (it's considered a more mastery approach) so they teach that concept from the beginning. Even though Brent is in 3rd grade he'll (hopefully) be able to keep up.
I also purchased the review book, so they will continuously be reviewing previously taught lessons. I don't think that four pages of math is going to go well with my boys. My dear hubby on the other hand thinks it a good thing. Since the boys will most likely be done with school in two hours (with their basic studies of Language Arts and Math) they should be able to complete the Review page later with out complaint. This program I really, really liked but for his 5th grade year I decided to have him use Math-U-See because he could watch Mr. Demme. Having him watch the DVD is a HUGE help for this busy homeschooling mama ;)

For Bible they will study the book of James along with their older siblings.

Science, I'm going to attempt a science program. I chose McRuffy Science 2nd grade. Why below their grade level? Well, science in my humble opinion is gravy. Meaning it's an extra subject. Here at Homeschooling6 our core subjects are Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Science & History are add-ons.
McRuffy Science 2nd Grade, looks fun and they are still learning. My boys are late readers so a regular textbook would be too hard. My boys are growing up and I want to do this with them. I don't want a science program that's overly challenging. I want fun, games, mom spending time with them.
Caleb will be in 4th grade and soon he'll have enough 'hard' subjects, so this year we are keeping it fun with science. Well, I tried, but science this year consisted of audio books, read aloud books and DVD or Netflix.
Besides, there is so much science all around us. Watching the ants or a spider going after it's prey. Watching the clouds float by. We have a whole shelf of science books, plus we have audio books (the whole set of Jonathon Park)

 Penmanship- A Reason for Handwriting B.

Art (my sis is sending some stuff, so I'll have to edit)

And that's about it with the formal stuff. The boys will continue to learn about survival, animals of their interest, herbs and more as the year progresses.


  1. Linda, I love it! The important subjects are the 3 r's. I learned that with Adam and thank God I didn't learn it too late. Your Science sounds like it will be so much fun! I'm thinking about something fun for Josh as well. He's my last little bunny (my pet name for him) and I want him to remember school the way my other children do. I haven't really done anything fun with him! So this will be the subject where I allow myself to breathe and just enjoy.

    I think that having both boys in the same Language Arts is very wise and will have them both accountable to each other as well. If the math seems like too much for one of them, you can always give that child less problems to do.

    Have a blessed weekend!


  2. keepersofthefaith.com has an interesting review of the Little House books(click on articles first). We chose to only do the first book and Farmer Boy. Is Bob Jones-King James only like Abeka(our favorite for science,health, history/geography, spelling/ vocabulary, writing/grammar,art and music)?-Taryn

  3. Taryn, Yes I have read Keepers article and I have read all the little house books as well as Rose Wilder Lane's books. It saddens me how rose was always longing for something. I do let the children read them because we have some good talks. We has a family like to flesh things out and talk about the characters, what God may think, what is right in the Lord's eyes an so forth. I feel comfortable with this. If the Lord leads our family to change then we will but for now we'll continue as is =) I really enjoy the discussions with the children.

  4. Oh, and the Rose years, my dc haven't read those yet but I do plan to let them. I have read them all and like I mentioned before Rose seems so lost and misplaced. I think there is room there for Annette, and I to talk about these feelings that Rose Wilder Lane has. I also read her biography (which my kids won't read for now) so I have some more insight. I have often wondered if she was saved. I hope so.

  5. Sounds wonderful! I'm glad you're going to join us for "Yes! We did SCIENCE!" Fridays too!!!


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