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Catching Up

I have been a little busy taking care of nine kids and getting ready for school that I must admit I got a little behind with my 90 Day Challenge of reading the Bible. So, today my Sweets, made supper, so I could stay in my room and catch-up. I didn't get a picture but he made Micky Mouse waffles and bacon. The children made me coffee and served it to me. I felt so special and extra loved.

I should be caught up today. Yay! Thank you Lord for my sweet hubby and six hearts!

Ethan, cut out a Micky for me.


  1. Your husband is a true gem! Congrats on your Bible reading :)

  2. Aww, what an awesome hubby and sweet kiddos to make you coffee and give you time for your bible reading! I hope your scripture time was a blessing and gave you some good soul food for the day!

  3. You are one blessed mama, but they are one blessed bunch of beautiful kids, too! I love the Mickey Pancake!!! Adorable! :)


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