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Count Your Blessings, Name Them One By One . . . (Backpack Day)

I felt a little bit guilty about this but it really is a blessing. My sis-in-law invited us to go to the church down the street and get school supplies. They were having a community back to school give away. Since we homeschool I felt guilty about going but my sis encouraged me to go anyway.

I'm so glad we did. I took three children (because I felt guilty taking all six) and look at all the goodies we got.
Each child got brand new markers. We have enough pencils to last all year. Glue sticks too.
Lance, was so happy about his crayons and markers.
Brent got a pencil pouch, but Josh will use it.

There were enough pencils for all the children. I let the older ones know that they need to be responsible and not lose them. No more coming to mom and asking for a pencil. This is such a blessing. I'm still like, wow!

Here are some folders with the little prongs inside to hold paper (praise the Lord).

I took three children Caleb, Brent and Lance. My sister-in-law also got a back pack for Annette. I was too embarrassed. I'm so glad she did because Annette said, "Mom, my very own markers." she was so excited.

I'm so thankful to God about the school supplies. I have been praying and wondering how I was going to get glue sticks, pencils and folders. I wasn't going to get any crayons or markers because they add up and I thought we could use what we have. (although I really did want to get my kids those things. It's just so fun to have new school supplies). Not only did they get crayons and markers but a brand new pair of scissors and a ruler.

With the backpacks I'm going to have the children keep their school workbooks and such in them and hang them on the dining room chairs. Yay!

When we got home I did tell the children that they need to share their supplies with Ethan and Josh. I let them each keep the markers, crayons, some pencils, ruler, 1 eraser each and a few pens. Everything else (paper, notebooks, extra glues and pencils etc.) we need to share and  put in the cupboard for school.

Since Lance, will be starting his K year they gave him two packs of crayons which worked out great because he gave one to Ethan.

All I have to purchase is a pencil box and markers for Ethan and we are set for school.


  1. What a blessing!!! God is sooooo good!

  2. Sweet Linda. With the investment of love your family is pooling, I am sure the Lord has more gifts than even these in store for you and your loving people. What a terrific blessing. Be not embarrassed, consider this a gift from your Father in heaven who loves you so and will provide all your needs. Indeed, God is SO GOOD!

  3. Tina, you're so kind. Thanks for your kind words. I really needed that. I felt like I shouldn't have gone because my kids are homeschooled but school is school I figure. My sis was very encouraging and it made me feel better. I was telling the children that God is so good, He cares about even the small things like school supplies for His children. I just thank the Lord for providing. You should have seen the kids, so excited.

  4. God always provides. Kids love getting new school supplies even though they might have some at home already. Enjoy your goodies.

    I am now your newest follower ^_^

  5. Hi, Yunia, welcome =) I'll have to hop on over to your blog soon.
    Yes, they do. Our stuff at home is so old but still usable. You know the crayons in a tub, half of them broken and such. It really is nice to have new stuff.


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