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Cowboy Game

Lupe, was able to get some Cowboy tickets at work for a really good price. He took our brother-in-law and his two Cowboy fans, Annette and Brent.
Lupe was really impressed with the stadium. I believe it's a new one. Here are the kiddos with their tickets.

The game.

By this time they had already ate their hotdogs and someone got a smudge on my lens.

Memories with the kids.

Gotta eat cotton candy. Wouldn't be complete with out it. Brent, actually had some left over. Today he put some in those snack size baggies and sold them for fifty cents, that stinker.
Someone left this roll up Cowboys sign, so Brent brought it home.

It was past midnight when they got home. Annette, went straight to bed. Not this guy. I heard pounding and when I  peeked in his room he had already hung up his Cowboy sign and was sitting at his homemade desk drawing.


  1. That's awesome. How fun...and I like selling the cotton candy. You're little stinker is a smart one!

  2. How fun!! I wanna go to a Cowboys game...but only when they play the LIONS! haha! Actually, the Lions do play the Cowboys this year in Texas...should be a fun game. Sorry to see Brent and Annette chose Dallas - wish they've coulda joined their Auntie and rooted the Lions on. Oh well, at least they like the sport! :)


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