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Discipline and Organize

It's been a busy day. Now that I'm done filing I feel like I can tackle the house. I have been slowly getting things organized. Today I thought I should get Ethan, Caleb, Brent and Annette's clothes folded in their drawer neatly. Lately it's been out of control. And lately means ahem, like a year.
I explained to each child as we were going through their drawers that mom has been lazy in this department of parenting. I talked how God is a God of order and we should be orderly as well and this includes their drawers and how we take care of our clothes.

Each child has three drawers. I took all their clothes out and we threw any clothing away that was torn or stained. If it didn't fit them anymore we put it a side to be packed for the next child. I found some containers that fit in their drawers and showed the boys how to fold their undies. I mentioned that dad prefers their undies folded and it's a good thing to discipline one self even with the small unseen stuff.

I also helped with getting Annette, Caleb and Ethan's room cleaned up. They had so much junk all over the place. You could barely see the floor. We threw away a lot of paper, broken toys or toys that had parts missing. We found a home for everything. If we couldn't find a home for an item we got rid of it. Now their room is clean. I told the children that every night I'm going to check their rooms and drawers. Again, I was being very lazy about this before.

While we were cleaning the room, I had the other children pair the socks. In Annette's room we would just lazily throw all the socks in the drawer. I didn't have the children pair them up because I didn't want to deal with it, so again, I told the children that we need to be more disciplined and start pairing up those socks.
Now we have lots of paired socks in a container. All the socks that didn't have a partner we put in another container. Later after we do more washing we'll bring the container down to see if we can get some more pairs.

Then we tackled the living room. Up high I have three container one holds small legos, another has small playmobiles and the 3rd has army men, horses, plastic tents and so forth. These toys are only allowed down if they ask. They have to put all the pieces back in the container, come and get me to put it back up. Every once in a while we will find a toy that belongs up, so I have a small index card container that we put those in. Next time the toys come down we can take the pieces we found from the index box to the container. This is going back to everything must have a home.

I am really trying to get the house in order before school starts. I told the children that once school starts we all need to work together to keep the household running smoothly. This is why we are finding a home for every toy, paper, school stuff etc.

The five older children will be responsible for their own laundry. When they see that they only have one Pj left then that is a sign to do a load of their laundry. I'm showing Ethan, how to do laundry before school starts. Ethan, will need some help with the dryer because it's pretty high. We have it stacked on the washer.

Tomorrow I plan to finish the living room. Once the house is in order, I'm going to start on the school binders and finish getting the schoolbooks organized.


  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one trying to get my house in order before school starts. That's exactly what I've been trying to accomplish in my girls room.

  2. You go, Linda!!! Linda, you still have little ones. I didn't even begin to get my house in order until Joshua turned 5--only 5 years ago. It is very difficult when they are little and you are not only keeping the home, but schooling and training their hearts. I'm a big believer in checking work, even cleaning jobs. That which doesn't get checked, they just don't do. Once they know that you are serious about the checking, things change, and they also begin to take pride in their keeping of the house as well.

    Flylady helped me oh so much many years ago because I learned to develop routines...something that I had struggled with before. Once the routines are set in place, I joke that the house cleans itself, but it takes some time and training so don't be so hard on yourself. You have so much to do and you my sweet sister, have Chosen That Good Part, and it will not be taken from you!!!

    You are such an example of a Godly woman,mother, and wife!!!

  3. Yes, Dee, I do agree. My youngest is now 6yrs. old. I was talking to my Sweets the other day and I said, "Dear, you know, I'm finally getting organized now, but I just realized that although our house was not always in order before, but I/we did take the time to train our children's heart. I would stop (not every single time I will admit) what I was doing to take care of a matter." and he agreed and we both had a light bulb moment.
    Thanks for your kind words Dee!

  4. It's an ongoing mission and battle, isn't it? I have been working on keeping order since they were young and training, reminding and then training and reminding some more.

    Since my schedule change, I cleaned my pantry and my oven today! I'm so happy to read your blog and be encouraged in the important things.

    Keep up the God work, Momma! Keep it up!


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