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Filing Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5

I finished filing Annette's History. Yahoo.
I started by making copies of everything I'd need from the cd and I took the Activity Book apart. I laid out everything. Test, quizzes, visuals, file folder games, answer keys etc.

I collected what I needed for each chapter and paper clipped it all.

I didn't make a file folder for each lesson because that would be too much.
Instead I put this whole stack in a hanging file folder. When I write Annette's assignments in her weekly lesson planner I can pull the chapter and add the pages for that week or day.

Here is a picture of all the workbooks I took apart today.

That was a lot of work. I'm waiting for Bob Jones Math 4 Test to arrive then I'll start filing. Today I took the workbook and activity book apart and separated them by chapters. When the test come I'll separate by lessons.

Look at these big file folders I found at Office Depot. In the picture below the hanging file folder is holding two workbooks worth of pages.


  1. Very nice! You are nice and organized! :)

  2. ooohh those are nice file folders. I should look into those for my TOG stuff.


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