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Filing is Coming Along

My filing is coming along. My Sweets thinks I'm cute {his own words, "You're so cute, taking pictures of your filing."} because he caught me taking pictures of my crates.
I think I may end up with using only three. Hurray!
The black one will be my main crate. The one that I will put on the table every morning to work out of. It won't have the binders in it though. I'm not done yet. Still thinking.

My Sweets borrowed the camera yesterday and I didn't realize that he or one of the kids touched the lens thus a foggy look on these pictures.
The crate below is holding Bob Jones Math 4 (for three children) with the test, answer keys and Review Workbook, Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5 and 8 and Sonlight Science worksheets and a workbook that I took apart.
Heritage Studies 8 I decided to leave the workbook together. During my weekly scheduling I'll take the pages out at that time. I put the test and answer keys in the same hanging file folder. I didn't take the Heritage Studies book apart because I'm not planning on using a lot of the resources from the cd.
With Annette's Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5 I did take her Activity book apart and filed it by chapters. Hers had quizzes, visuals, test and activities, so for each chapter I clipped everything together.

This^crate holds McRuffy Science (two workbooks), McRuffy Phonics K, Saxon Phonics 1, McRuffy Math for K and 1st grade. I decided not to take the math books apart. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the two hanging folders in the front that are for Ethan and Lance. I may just use a binder instead.

With my main crate, the one shown above, what I plan to do is put 9 weeks worth of work, put folders in the back for all the blackline masters (reproducibles) and if the teacher manuals fit add those to it. Anything I'll need for the day will also be added to the crate. This I'll keep with me as I call each child for their tutoring session. Hopefully this will keep me organized and the day running smoothly (as smoothly as it can go with six children =P )

So that is where I'm at as of today with filing our school work. Still thinking and tweaking.


  1. ya want to come to my house next ;-)...LOL. I have still not done any organizing for school yet.
    I just felt so blah and have had absolutely no motivation whatsoever, you are doing great though :-)

  2. Amity, I miss you! Thanks for stopping by =) and of course I'd love to help you get your stuff organized. We need to move next to each other. If I could afford it, I'd fly out there for a few weeks :)


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