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Filing Kindergarten (McRuffy Phonics)

I did or am going to do two things that I would normally not do. The first is I took apart Lance's penmanship book.
See it's empty.
I wasn't going to take it apart at first but after thinking it over I figured it will save me time to have this filed along with McRuffy Phonics. Now that it is filed away I'm glad I did take the time to carefully rip the pages out.
I filed each letter in the appropriate spot and it aligns with when McRuffy Phonics introduces that letter.

Second with McRuffy Phonics I'm using all the blackline originals. It feels weird but it has to be done. Copyright says you can make copies for your houshold and the originals can't be resold if you did make the copies. I want to honor the copyright laws so instead of making copies and selling it as a complete set when I am finished with it, I'm going to use them. Eeeks! This is hard.

Filing McRuffy Phonics. Step-by-step Instructions =)

I cut and taped all the sliders

I stacked all the coloring pages, writing pages etc.

I stacked all the readers

Started with lesson one in the teacher manual. Some lessons didn't really have anything to clip together.
I paper clipped the weekly reader, coloring pages and handwriting sheet together.

If needed I wrote the lesson number on a post it note or on the handwriting sheet.
I am not filing by weeks but by subjects and lessons. Once I clipped a lesson together I put it in a file folder. I could fit about 15 lessons in a file folder. Once the file folder was full I put labeled (L-1-17) and put it in the hanging file folder (I'll have to add a picture). I put this in the crate that holds all Phonics and Math lesson for all the children.
I plan to transfer about 6 weeks worth of lessons and put them in my main mama crate. I think it will make my weekly lesson planning a bit easier if I only need to go through one crate, rather then three.
Here is a binder for Lance. Ready for his weeks assignments.

I plan to use library pockets to hold the card piece. I'll update this picture once I add them.
I bought these cute ones for my younger crowd.

Some for the older students.


  1. :D You make me smile, Linda - I miss you! Glad to know you are filing and organizing like crazy. Hopefully this helps you feel better during the school season.

  2. Man girl you make me SO jealous ;-) I need to talk Gilbert in to moving out to Texas...LOL You are doing such a great job of getting everything ready!! I think I am finally getting some motivation to get going ...I need to hurry though as I dont have to much time left.

  3. Linda, I'm so impressed with all your organization. All this work is going to make things run smoother throughout the year!

    Keep it up!

    When is your start date?

    Dee :)

  4. Yes Amity, move next door. Our kids can bike ride while we file =)
    Dee, we start after Labor Day. The firs week will be getting use to our schedule and lessons, so hopefully the week after that we'll be up and running as they say. Yikes! I'm scared.


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