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I'm having so much fun filing (I know weird) so here is another post about it. I'm not done yet but thought I'd share how it's going. Here is a picture of Ethan and Lance's school stuff. I have McRuffy Math K and 1st grade, Saxon Phonics 1, McRuffy Science K (still need to file another science book but am waiting for it to arrive), teacher manuals in the back and two weekly folders up front. One for Ethan and one for Lance.
I still need to file the extra science workbook and McRuffy Phonics K. McRuffy Phonics has lots of blackline masters and readers, so I'm not sure how to fit it in. I don't think I can squeeze anymore in. I was really wanting to have all of Ethan and Lance's stuff in one crate. I'm going to have to pray and figure it out. I could take the Teacher Manuals out but I really wanted it all together. We'll see. I'm still tweaking.

Yesterday I was making copies of Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5.

I copied all the file folder games that comes with Bob Jones cd. The cd contains the quizzes and other activities.

Later I'll post more about Bob Jones Heritage Studies and the games. I'm not sure if we'll actually get to the games but I thought I'd better file them just in case.

Here is how my bedroom looked after Office Depot delivered my crates that I purchased for $2.00 and both Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5th and 8th grade arrived.

Here are the children. They are having way too much fun while mom has been busy.

Just kidding, they have actually been helping with the laundry and keeping their rooms clean. Although they have been watching a movie almost everyday with Grandpa Joe. Yesterday it was Son of Kong. Today it was the Little Rascals. A few others were some westerns like Unforgiven, Jesse James and Buffalo something or other.
My filing is about 2hrs a day. I haven't started today yet but hope to get a few hours after writing this post. It's hard to find the time because I'm also trying to get the house, chores etc. ready for the new school year as well. So I may be posting about filing but other things are going on too (just so you know I'm not being consumed with filing. Hee,hee)

And guess what!? My Rainbow Resource box arrived. It was beat up but it got here. I need to call RR and let them know.

Just because I like how it looks stacked nice and neat! 

I am still waiting for McRuffy Phonics workbook, McRuffy Science 2 and math for Annette (either Saxon or Bob Jones) and I think that's about it. Wow! Almost done.

Well, I'm off to make copies, file and look at all the goodies.


  1. Oh Linda, PTL that you got your RR order! That is wonderful! And you are busy aren't you? :)

    My math books for Josh arrived today. I'm anxious to get everything scheduled out. It's the only subject left for me to schedule out for him.

    How much work we homeschool moms do, huh? ;)

    Many Blessings,

    Dee :)

  2. No, I totally agree. Filing is fun!! It means something is organized and tidy and it's awesome!! Bravo for getting something accomplished:)


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