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The Final Decisions for Annette's 5th Grade Year

I have had a rough six months going back and forth, trying to figure Annette's 5th grade year out. Well, by golly I think I've got it!

For spelling she along with Joshua will use Saxon Phonics Intervention. I chose Saxon Phonics over SWR & PR because it is a one year course. Annette, is more of a natural speller. She sees a word, looks at it and can pretty much spell it on Friday. That's fine if that's all I want her to do but I want her to be able to spell a word she hasn't seen. I also want her to be able to decode words that she hasn't seen. Saxon Phonics in my humble opinion is just as good as the other two programs but in a condensed way. It's not an all-in-one LA program like PR but for Annette, I wasn't looking for that. I just want a spelling program. Edited to add that I switched her to Megawords. SPR was really to combine her with Josh, but it didn't work out. She wanted something more challenging.

For reading I chose The Elson Reader Book 5. I think she will enjoy the selections. My sister is in the process of making worksheets that I can print out. Instead of using a separate notebook she can write on the worksheet.
Writing I was having the most difficult time. Annette, does not like writing. I know that school is school but I do want her to enjoy writing. Up until a few days ago I was still undecided.  I was thinking about using Writing Tales and almost set on just going with Saxon Writing (which came with her Grammar course). There is nothing wrong with either of those but I still wasn't 100% sure. Then out of the blue my sister Cynthia emails me about a little store she is opening up and guess what? She reformatted Intermediate Language Lesson into a workbook format. I love ILL but you know me, I like workbooks and so do my children. My plan is to skip some of the grammar portions and use Intermediate Language Lessons for composition, dictation and copywork. I love that my sister made it so ILL can be used more independently. My sister is also getting rid of her Learning Language Arts Through Literature, so guess again? She is sending it to me and I'm going to incorporate it into our schooling. This may sound complicated but I think it will work.
With the Elson Readers, Intermediate Language Lessons and Learning Language Arts Through Literature I plan to use as Annette's writing and reading curricula (not grammar) With the Elson Reader she won't complete the whole book. I'll pick and choose. One lesson will last a week. With Learning Language Arts Through Literature she'll do this three times a week. Intermediate Language Lesson she'll do few times a week. I know it sounds like a lot but if you can see some of the lessons in ILL and LLATL you'll see that there are many short lessons. I am using the older version of Learning Language Arts Through Literature. The older version has a lot less grammar. It's less formal, I guess you can say.
For grammar she will use Saxon Grammar.

I plan to have her use Saxon Grammar three to four times a week. Again, I know this sounds over whelming but if you had everything in front of you, you'd be able to see how it can be done and I feel that her Language Arts is coming together. I feel comfortable about using Elson Readers for a mix of reading selections, Learning Language Arts Through Literature and Intermediate Language Lessons for copywork, dictation, memorization and composition, Saxon Grammar for well, grammar. I'll keep you all posted on how we are doing using all these components for her Language Arts this year. She has already peeked at Intermediate Language Lessons and the Elson Reader and I'm happy to say she likes them both.
For history she will use Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5. As I was filing, I was reading a bit here and there too. I think Annette, will be pleased. The Activity book that accompanies the text is colorful and looks fun (as fun as worksheets can be) I'm still not sure how I'm going to fit all the chapters in. The teacher manual is not real clear with how long a chapter should last. I'll have to play around with it and see.
This year for Science we'll learn about the human body and puberty using Sonlight Science 5. Yikes. The talk. This program looks interesting. I like that it has worksheets. She will do a lot of labeling and hopefully coloring, so it'll all look so pretty.
Then there are the extra stuff like art. My sister is sending me an art package so I can't comment on that yet.
Bible, which I should have put at the top but I got so excited about finding a Language Arts program for Annette, that I forgot. But for Bible she will study the book of James, using My Father's World. I'm really excited about this.

Math, another area that I was struggling for Annette. I really wanted Teaching Textbooks to work but the instant grading was too stressful for her. Then I was debating between Bob Jones 5 and Saxon 6/5. I really need something that Annette can do on her own. Horizan Math it is (yes, it's been changed one last time a week 1/2 before school starts). I sat her down and went over all her options and we both agreed that Horizons Math would be the best choice for her this year.
Edited to add that we switched to Saxon 6/5.

This is Annette and I will go over a homemaking course. We plan to learn how to make different kinds of bread and learn about herbs.

Almost forgot. Penmanship whe will use Getty-Dubby Italic Handwriting Series.
So that his her core stuff. There are extra stuff that if we fit, we fit but if we don't, we don't.


  1. Looks good, Linda! Let me know how ILL goes...I'd might be interested in something like this for the 5th grade for Josh.

    Dee :)

  2. Looks like you picked some wonderful books. I haven't heard of that math program before (we use Math U see).

    Nice to meet you, have a wonderful year of learning.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  3. I can't imagine juggling 6 different school schedules. How ever do you do it and still get so much done? You are one amazing mama!


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