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Grandpa Joe

My dad loves his grandkids. He tells them stories about his younger days. Although I'm not sure how much is true and how much if from watching the Little Rascals. I think he meshes the two together. A week ago I found grandpa and Ethan, playing with pattern blocks. Of course I had to capture that memory.

Grandpa also brings lots of goodies for the children. Last week it was watermelon and peaches but this week, well, lets just say we all probably have gained a pound or so.
Here is Lance, with a donut and some milk (gotta add the milk in)

Grandpa with the grandkids. Enjoying more sweets.
Annette with her cousin.
This one was taken today. See Josh, in the back? Grandpa is telling another story.



  1. These are the sweetest kinds of sweets...one shared with the ones we love. He must be in heaven with all those sweet grandkids. Your family situation is a beautiful sight and blesses me to see your family working together and loving each other so well.

  2. Hi, Tina, yes, my dad says it's the children that keep him going. Sometimes my brother stresses him out (sorry bro if you read this but it's true :) He loves spending time with the kiddos.


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