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Heritage Studies for Josh Too (tee,hee)

Update with Annette's history-I think I may order Bob Jones and be done with History. Yay! Now to figure out math. Stay with TT, wait for BJ5 or go with Saxon 6/5 with the dvds....

Now you are not going to believe this. I sat with Josh and asked him if he preferred history using a textbook or literature. Guess what he said? Textbook. I new he was more of a textbooky kind of guy but I wanted to use My Father's World so much. Okay, here is what I may do then. Use MFW Bible portion for sure. I have been waiting years for this, so we WILL use the Bible portion of My Father's World.
Josh and I were looking at Bob Jones Heritage study for grades 7 and 8. He really wants to study American History so again, I'm thinking of going with grade 8.

Since Bob Jones Heritage Studies is American History I can still use the read aloud books from My Father's World. I'm going to keep everything from MFW because I can always use it the State Sheets and stuff. The kids love American History. I don't feel any guilt for having MFW on the shelf because we will use parts of it, just not as our core program (I think).

When I had Joshua, take an online self portrait assessment a few months back, it did say he preferred textbooks. The reason is they bring order to his life. A literature approach is pulling books from here and there, so for him it's more scattered. His brain works best when there is a straight, clear path that a textbook can provide. I should have listened to my gut but again, I would have purchased My Father's World for their Bible portion alone. To me it's that good.

Well it's late and I'm rambling now. Need sleep and rest. It was fun chatting with Josh though. He is old enough were I need to let him have some input with his schooling.


  1. Linda, he reminds me so much of Adam. Adam also prefers the textbooks because of the order, but you know what, he still reads lots on his own. So don't worry because knowing what's expected of this type of learner and getting it done gives them a great sense of accomplishment and responsibility.

    I think it's a great choice given all your other responsiblities with the reading and the math. It will give the whole picture some balance. Janielle used the 8th grade book as her highschool American History and she loved it. I didn't plan it that way, but I ordered the wrong book and didn't realize it until she had started it. After I dug into it, it was so meaty, and she loved it, so we kept it and I called it 9th grade US history.

    Let us know when you get it and what you think of it! :)


    ps Have a great night! As you see I'm still up and I need to already be starting my routine of getting in bed early again.

  2. Dee, I hope the 8th grade text is not too hard. If so we can always back up. Josh, said, he would like to use the 7th grade for 8th grade only because he wants to study American History.

  3. I don't remember the difficulty level, but I remember being shocked that that was an 8th grade text because like I mentioned before, it was so thorough. She was completely immersed in it, but then, she's addicted to the written word, that's why I call her my Deep Thinking Writer.

    Maybe the samples on the BJU site can sort of give you an idea...you can always go slowly and break it up for two years...just a thought...

    Dee :)

  4. Good idea about stretching it out if we need to.

  5. I used Abeka history for 8th grade and thru high school( CLE for 7th grade) for my 6 children. My son liked Abeka's Geography with CLE's Civics(5 lightunits) for 9th grade. - Taryn

  6. My youngest son used Landmark Freedom Baptist(good catalog) for 8th grade American History and used the Abeka history for a reference. Landmark has a workbook format similar to CLE's lightunits. He really liked it and liked reading Abeka. -Taryn

  7. We preferred the Christian Light Education history textbooks and did not use those lightunits as well- I really liked the 7th grade world history text: God's World-His Story.- Taryn


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