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History for Annette (getting bored yet?)

Aaack! I'm still deciding Annette's history for school. Why, I don't have her just use My Father's World along with Josh, I don't know. Weird but I want something she can do on her own (I feel like a scratched disc) I'm torn between a textbookish history program and a non textbook program with more literature. Annette, likes textbooks though (so does Josh, eeks, hope I picked the write history program for him. eeks!) I was almost certain (about 90%) that I was going to use Oak Meadow (but that was last week) now I'm wondering if a workbook type program would work better.
Here are the programs I have in mind. The list keeps getting longer (blushing here)
  • Oak Meadow (this was my original choice)
  • All American History (wanted a more Christian Worldview although I read it can be used as a secular program)
  • Notgrass's new American History programs (hasn't come out yet but the samples look great)
  • Bob Jones Heritage Study Grade 5 (like how nice and neatly laid out this is. but a bit teacher intensive, wondering if it can be tweaked so she can work more on her own.)
There you have my choices. I have only been going back and forth since January.


  1. Never bored, Never! LOL! I like the BJU. It's not as teacher intensive as you think. Keepers of the faith have the children use the student book and the tests, that's all. They say it's more than enough.

    Notgrass hasn't gotten the best reviews at HSR, but then I'm talking about the highschool program, I haven't seen the one you want to use.

    Keep us posted! :)


  2. Thanks Dee! I'm going to head on over to Keepers right now and read a bit. Oh, thank's for the heads up with Notgrass. I'll keep that in mind ;)

  3. I think I may order Bob Jones and be done with History. Yay! Now to figure out math. Stay with TT, wait for BJ5 or go with Saxon 6/5 with the dvds....

  4. I love keepersofthefaith.com- they have great articles and book reviews. We used Christian Liberty Press to order Modern Curriculum Press math(up to 6th grade) then Saxon math thru CLP.- Taryn


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