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How I Filed

I can't believe I'm done with filing. It has taken weeks and lots of tweaking but everything is organized and ready to go. The Lord has really seen me through this whole process. I on my own couldn't have done all this. It was He who gave me ideas about labeling EVERYTHING and using their backpacks for school. It so wonderful to know that God cares so much about me that he would help me file and get organized for this coming homeschool year. My hubby too, took the time to listen to my ideas and watched as I showed him my crates and how it's all going to work. Of course my children were so kind. They ate some lunches and dinners around my crates and filing. They didn't get one drop of anything on my stuff!

Here is what I did.

Many people seem to file by weeks. I decided to file by subjects instead. I ended up with three crates.

I have six children. Two children per crate.

Here I have Lance (K) and Ethan's (2nd) crate.

I filed McRuffy Phonics Kindergarten, McRuffy Science K (two workbooks), Saxon Phonics 1, McRuffy Math K & 1st grade.
I filed McRuffy math but did not take the workbooks apart. I filed the reproducible pages and there is a folder for all the games. The game cards I put in a small container, so I can easily pull what I need for that week. I didn't take a picture but I placed some library pockets in my main file folders to hold any math or phonics cards.
McRuffy Science I did take apart the workbooks and filed them by lessons with any reproducibles. Again there is a file folder to hold the games and a container for all the cards.
Saxon Phonics I had the binding cut and paper clipped all the lessons together. All the game cards are in a container.

Next I have Caleb & Brent's Crate.

They didn't have to much to file because we use The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading I didn't feel the need to file that. It's already in a nice binder ready to go. What I did file was Bob Jones Math. I took the book apart. Paper clipped the workbook pages, the Review pages and test. I also filed McRuffy Science 2. I did take the science book apart. I three holed punched them so they would fit in their binder. I paper clipped and filed any reproducibles along with the workbook page. I put all the game cards in a container.
Since they didn't have as much to file I put some teacher manuals in the back. I also put file folders so I will have a place to return any charts, visuals, test answer keys and so forth for next year.

Along with all the science stuff. It's in the same container.

Last but not least I have Joshua and Annette's crate.

In this crate I filed Bob Jones Math, Heritage Studies 5 & 8, Saxon Grammar 5 & 6, Sonlight Science 5 and Intermediate Language Lessons. I had the binding cut on Saxon Grammar so I can easily put each lesson in a binder. I filed all of Bob Jones Math with the test.
As you can see in the photo above I filed by subjects and clipped the lessons together or clipped a whole chapter.

What I did was take a handful of lessons from each subject and put them in my main mama folders.

I have three hanging file folders. Two kiddos per hanging file folder. The handful of lessons I took from the crates will go in this file box. I have a file folder for each subject. In the front I have my teacher planner. The planner is for me to use mostly with the two youngest and also to add any reminders for the olders.

The crates are in the kitchen next to the my school desk (the table). I have the crate that holds Caleb & Brent's stuff on top because their crate also houses the teacher guides and manuals.

Hopefully this will keep me from running around the house trying to find a lost teacher manual.

This year the older children are going to try something new. Instead of having planners of their own we are going to use library cards and pockets. They will have one library card for each subject. The library pocket will be glued to a divider.

The one above is for Annette and for Grammar. I'll write the lessons for that week and she can put a small check mark next to it when she completes that lesson. I decided to divide by subjects, so each divider will have one of the library pockets and cards.

All pencils are labeled with names. No more, "I can't find a pencil."

And glue, markers, crayons.....all labeled.

Lastly the children will put any books or workbooks that weren't taken apart and their binder in a backpack. All their pencils, erasers, glue, scissors etc. etc. etc. will go in their backpack as well.

And that's all folks!


  1. You deserve a medal :) I hope that it helps your year run smoothly. I am getting ready to order the same calendar you have pictured. Do you like it?

  2. Yes, it's so pretty and I love the tabs. I wanted to be able to read and reread the Way of the Will. I know I could have just printed it from the SCM site but that would mean extra papers about the house ;)

  3. Beautifully done, my sweet Linda, beautifully done! Praying you have a wonderfully, rich and blessed year!!!

    Dee :)

  4. WOO HOO! I love the library cards...although I might see if labels would fit in the lines and print the stuff instead of writing...or have the dc write them in...I type faster than I write and/or I'm just a meanie :)


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